Global Warming Confirmed? July 2015 Officially The Hottest Month In Recorded History

Global warming might not be as easily dismissed, according to records across the world. In July 2015, heat rose to a level that has been confirmed as the highest ever in recorded history.

Some are claiming that the record heat wave is the result of an almost record strength El Niño, a weather pattern where storms rock the American continents. It might be easy to blame it on El Niño, but that wouldn’t be entirely factually accurate.

Slate claims that it takes years for the oceans’ temperatures to change the way they have, and storm patterns wouldn’t be enough to dramatically heat up Earth’s bodies of water. It could very easily be a greenhouse effect due to carbon emissions and other air pollutants.

Many nations across the world have been attempting to combat this problem, including China, who, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, stopped accepting certain kinds of plastic from the United States for recycling. This was due to pollution problems that were only getting worse as the plastic stockpile grew.

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore had even made a documentary about the dangers of global warming, stating that it is more serious than many of us realize. An Inconvenient Truth was released to help raise awareness of the issue. Most cities across the United States have already adopted a vehicle emissions test, required yearly to help combat the problem and keep our air clean.

The record heat lasted throughout the month of July, with the U.K. Reporting July 1 as the hottest day they’ve ever faced. Bandar-e Mahshahr, Iran, saw temperatures spiking at 165 degrees on July 31, nearly marking a world record. The temperatures seen this past year alone are reaching a level not seen in over 100,000 years.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, revealed how widespread this global warming trend has become, reports CNN.

“Record warmth was observed across much of South America, and parts of Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the western contiguous U.S.. The open seas experienced unprecedented warmth, too. Large portions of the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and parts of the Atlantic Ocean had record warm temperatures.”

This could be the turning point in the common belief that climate change is merely a hoax to scare us into caring more about the environment. July 2015’s record heat may be only the beginning of a long and scary trend possibly ending in a worldwide disaster.

Do you think the reveal of July 2015 being the hottest month in recorded history indicates a dangerous degree of global warming? What can be done to cool things off?

[Image via EPA Weather]