Kate Gosselin Heartbreak: Rich Boyfriend Dumps ‘Kate Plus 8’ Star For 26-Year-Old As Jon Gosselin Denies Joking [Video]

Kate Gosselin was rumored to be engaged at one point to a rich man. But now Kate is feeling only heartbreak after Jeff Prescott dumped her. The breakup was rumored to be the subject of a joke by Kate’s ex Jon Gosselin, although he’s denying it.

Jon insists that after he learned Kate had been dumped, Gosselin didn’t use social media to make fun of the mother of his eight children, reported Entertainment Tonight.

“I have teenage kids now who are on social media,” said Jon in his denial. “They read everything, and the last thing I’m going to do is trash their mother.”

And although Gosselin refers to those teens, he admitted that he doesn’t use their music to motivate him in his new job as a DJ.

“They are into One Direction and bands like that. I’d be thrown out of the club if I played their music,” joked Jon.

Gosselin is firm in denying that he mocked Kate’s breakup, reported Us Weekly.

Jon insists that when he learned Kate and her millionaire boyfriend, Jeff Prescott, were now on the outs, he didn’t joke about her relationship woes.

Kate and Prescott broke up during the Labor Day holidays. Gosselin and Jeff, who is the COO and co-founder of Dreamstime, had dated for eight months.

But while Kate, who recently starred on Celebrity Apprentice, is rumored to be heartbroken, her ex-boyfriend is busy dating his new girlfriend, who is 26.

Kate’s ex-husband denies reports that he shared a celebratory emoji on Facebook. Gosselin, 38, said it was a false social media page.

“[It’s] a constant source of frustration, to see impostors post the most ridiculous things,” insisted Jon.

Gosselin and Kate broke up in 2009. Their children include 14-year-old Mady and Cara, the twins, and the sextuplets, now 11, who are Aaden, Collin, Hannah, Alexis, Leah, and Joel.

As for Jon’s relationship with his children and other women, Gosselin is rumored to be asking for complete custody of Hannah and is dating Colleen Conrad, a nurse.

But for Kate, Gosselin’s relationship with other women isn’t as heartbreaking as the news that her latest boyfriend is dating a 26-year-old, reported MSN.

Prescott, 52, had become perturbed about the 40-year-old Kate’s plans to involve him in her reality TV show, Kate Plus 8.

Although the reality show already had been prepared and planned for months, the millionaire cancelled two days prior to filming in New York City was set to begin. A source explained that Prescott wanted to shield his own three kids from a prior marriage.

Concerned about the inevitable exposure that would result if Jeff appeared on Kate Plus 8, Prescott took his team’s advice to refrain from shooting the show with Kate.

And for Gosselin, this was devastating news that added to the romance troubles that began during the summer. Kate had expressed frustration over how busy Jeff seemed to be with traveling. On one of those trips, Prescott had a close encounter of the romantic kind with the young woman who has become his new gal pal. She’s got bases both in New York City and Belarus, speaks five languages, and is anticipating becoming wealthy on her own by rolling out a cosmetic line.

Thus far, the two have traveled publicly to Hawaii and Las Vegas, leaving Kate alone and heartbroken.

“[Gosselin is] devastated,” said an insider, who added that Kate thought she and the millionaire had “a special connection.”

[Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery]