Donald Trump Says GOP Debate Was ‘A Little Bit Like WWE’

With the GOP debate from this past Wednesday in the books, Donald Trump says that the format of the debate reminded him of the WWE, as he stated on the Sean Hannity Show.

Trump, 69, agreed with Hannity, who referred to the three hours worth of constant verbal jabs and insults as “a little WWE.” Not only did the event remind Trump of WWE, but he also said three hours for one debate was too long.

“The thing that made me most upset, and everybody else too was the three hours because to be standing up for three hours answering questions in the form of a debate – I think the viewers probably, frankly would have done as well as they’ve done, I think they set a record in the history of CNN, as well as they’ve done, they would’ve done better if it was an hour shorter. It was too much, it was too long, and I would imagine at a certain point, people get bored with that. But I like the way certain things happened. It was a little bit like WWE, the great Vince McMahon, who is a terrific guy.”

After mentioning the company he’s been involved in some capacity for four decades, Trump brought up how most of the questions seemed to be directed towards him.

“Every question had to do with me, ‘Mr Trump said this,’ I think they said 46 percent of the questions had something like that. I thought it was a bit unusual.”

The WWE will likely be happy to hear that they were name dropped by one of the most well-known and trending personalities in the world right now, especially when that person is both a presidential candidate and enshrined in their Hall of Fame.

Beginning his WWE relationship by hosting of both Wrestlemania 4 and Wrestlemania 5 at the Trump Plaza, Trump’s most memorable stint with WWE was the Battle of the Billionaires storyline with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon in the buildup to Wrestlemania 23.

Receiving a flurry of media attention, the WWE was able to parlay having Trump at their biggest event of the year with their highest buyrate (1.2 million) of a Wrestlemania in history, up to the point. After his Wrestlemania 23 storyline, Trump appeared with WWE in 2009 in a storyline that saw him buy Monday Night RAW and subsequently sell it back to McMahon for double the price.

Trump and WWE have a long and storied history together. Partnered with Trump’s controversial approach to his campaign — which has garnered comparison to WWE — people will likely hear more about WWE and Trump in the future.

[Image via WWE]