Gwen Stefani’s Split From Husband Brings Radical New Hair

Gwen Stefani has always been incredibly expressive with her style and fashion, and her hair has never been an exception. Recently split from her long-time husband Gavin Rossdale, Gwen has a radical new hair style and color and, as News Australia reported, some believe it is indicative of a midlife crisis. However, perhaps she just wanted a change.

Gwen Stefani generally sports a platinum blond look, but her most recent style is a bob in varying, length with the bottom half of the hair dyed horizontally in a striking black and purple. Gwen Stefani herself took to Instagram to show off her new locks.

Danilo has been the hair stylist of Gwen Stefani for 19 years and People asked him about the new look. Since they were going to Riot Fest, his advice to Gwen was simple.

“Let’s bring on the badass!”

Danilo said he perfected the color technique back in 1980, and he calls it “limelight.” The method of coloring allows the hair to always fall back into its pattern even when it’s being tossed around. He also said that the reason he can pull off the look is because of Gwen herself.

“It’s Gwen, it’s me, but I definitely have to honor the fact that [wearing bold color] is hard. Fifty percent of accomplishing the beauty of the look is Gwen Stefani. Gwen always wears it. It doesn’t wear her. And that’s a big difference, too.”

So what about her divorce? News of it has hit Twitter in a big way. Once such tweet says she can get a “way better dude” and perhaps she has.

International Business Times reports that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been incredibly flirty on and off the set of The Voice. A source at The Voice said the bond began because they were both going through a divorce.

“At first they were just bonding over the fact that they were both going through divorces at the same time. That turned into an even closer friendship between them.”

Whether Gwen Stefani changed her hair in such a radical way because of her divorce, to attract the attention of her new love interest, or simply because she wanted a certain look, the end result is simply striking. And perhaps most striking of all is the fact that Gwen Stefani prefers to color her hair at home and used simple Manic Panic to create her new look.

[Photo: Christopher Polk / Getty Images]