Johnny Depp Knows How To “Lay Out” The Bullies

Johnny Depp captured our hearts back in the 1980s when he played a youthful police officer on 21 Jump Street. Since then he has played a number of varied roles, showcasing his versatility as an actor. But his newest movie leaves behind his fantastical roles as Captain Jack Sparrow and those he plays in Tim Burton’s movies. His latest role has him playing Boston gangster James “Whitey” Bulger in the movie Black Mass. It turns out, Depp’s views on handling bullies isn’t so different from those of the character he portrays.

People reveals that, in the movie, “Whitey” Bulger instructs his son on how to deal with bullies.

“It’s not what you do, it’s when and where you do it.”

Johnny Depp didn’t feel this advice was out of place or strange. At a press conference for Black Mass held at the Toronto Film Festival, Depp talked about advice his mother gave him as a child.

“I come from nothing but hillbillies, and my mom said to me, ‘Alright, here’s the deal, next time anybody puts their hands on you, pick up a brick and lay them out.'”

Johnny Depp went on to say at the same press conference that he would take care of anyone bullying his kids.

“If somebody tried to bully my kid, if they didn’t destroy the little booger, I would.”

This isn’t the first time Johnny Depp has revealed the advice his mom gave him on bullying. A few years back in an interview on the Bravo network, Depp told the same story of the advice he received as a child. It seems that advice worked well for him.

The comment made by Johnny Depp during the press conference has gone viral and gotten mixed reactions, as seen in this Facebook post made by Time.

Most people who commented praised Depp for his devotion to his kids, but a few weren’t so impressed, calling it nothing more than normal fatherly behavior and one even calling Johnny Depp a bully for saying it.

“Spoken like a true bully.”

Ultimately, Johnny Depp is like any other father, wanting to protect his children, but he is also speaking out against bullying, which is a cause that can take all the celebrity support it can get. Depp’s words may be bold, but they speak to a right we all have to protect ourselves and our children. Do you agree?

[Photo: Wikipedia, Paul Marotta / Getty Images]