Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Redefine The Concept Of The Comedic Duo

Jimmy Fallon is funny on his own, but when he teams up with musician Justin Timberlake, the result might just have you – and half the nation – rolling on the floor with laughter. Intentional or not, the two have built a reputation that has their relationship nicknamed a “bromance,” and E! says the two can do no wrong.

“Cleary, any thing these two touch [sic] turns to gold.”

Perhaps one of the most famous comedy routines performed by Jimmy Fallon and his BFF Justin Timberlake is their “Looks” video, in which the two have an entire conversation by just throwing looks at each other. Will Ferrell even joins in, looking on through a window, silently spying on the pair.

Clearly, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake can do no wrong. Even when Jimmy Fallon does a simple interview with the musician on The Tonight Show, hilarity reigns supreme. Perhaps one of the funniest is the “mug” interview.

It is clear that the two men have a close relationship, which can be seen in the way they interact and the respect they have for each other.

As People noted, even without Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake has plenty of his own LOLOL moments, although, to be fair, a lot of these moments have involved Jimmy Fallon. The two have been developing their friendship since the early 2000s, before either of them came into their own as a celebrity. In some ways, they did it together, side-by-side, as GQ points out.

“In a way, theirs is an inspirational bromance: a relationship between two guys, who met before they were established (Justin had just broken off from N’Sync, and Fallon hadn’t even landed his late-night show), and stuck together through the shaky period—because the struggle is that much easier when you’re singing, dancing and laughing with your best bud.”

Jimmy Fallon has interviewed Justin many times, but Justin has also brought Jimmy Fallon over to the music side of the Late Night stage. In 2011, they started performing their “History of Rap” and have gone through every rap song we’ve ever loved, singing, dancing, and hamming it up.

Watching Jimmy Fallon interview anyone is definitely a prescription for laughter, but whenever he teams up with Justin Timberlake you had better get ready for your face to hurt with laughter. They have taken the concept of the comedy duo to a whole new level.

[Photo: Screenshot from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Youtube Channel]