NFL Preview: 49ers, Steelers Make Adjustments For Week 2 Showdown

Greg DeMarco

Week 1 of the NFL season featured very different results for the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers. One team celebrated a Monday night win while the other suffered a Thursday night loss. Now both teams make the necessary adjustments as they head into a very important contest this weekend.

During a very active NFL off-season, the 49ers were rumored to have quarterback Colin Kaepernick on the trading block. The Jets, Eagles, and Bears were among those teams reported to be seeking out his services, but the San Francisco signal caller remained with the club.

Of all of the stats that were most pleasing to 49ers fans from week one, Kaepernick's sack total is likely their favorite. A report from ESPN's Kevin Seifert explains their joy.

"Kaepernick took only one sack in the 49ers' 20-3 victory against the Minnesota Vikings, and even that came when he stepped out of bounds at the line of scrimmage rather than take a hit with a two-touchdown lead late in the third quarter."

Kaepernick was sacked 52 times during the 2014 NFL regular season, a number the 49ers will have to reduce to find more success this year.

The 49ers quarterback also rushed for a career-high 639 yards in 204, a factor the Pittsburgh Steelers are obviously preparing for, according to linebacker Lawrence Timmons.

"We have to be aware of his speed. He's definitely a [fast] quarterback. We'll definitely have to keep him contained. We can't let him break the pocket and get outside."
"I don't have to try to simulate anyone. We're enough alike that I can just go out there and be myself."

[Photo Credit: San Francisco Examiner]