Kendra Wilkinson Says Her Mother Is ‘The Most Sadistic Abuser’

In anticipation of Friday’s episode of Kendra on Top, Kendra Wilkinson shared more about her relationship with her mother, Patti Wilkinson, and Kendra seems to be reaching her limit.

“I can’t deal with my mom anymore,” Kendra told her aunt, Kristin Wilkinson. “Because I feel like I’m being raped every minute with my mom. She is the most sadistic abuser.”

People reports that Kendra and Patti have rarely, if ever, related well with one another and that many of their arguments have been documented by the cameras for a variety of reality shows. Kendra’s latest bout of trouble with her mother stems from Patti’s interference with her daughter’s marriage, when, Kendra claims, the older Wilkinson spoke to tabloids about the cheating scandal that had come out concerning husband Hank Baskett.

“It’s just hard because she we’re adults and no one believes an adult abuse, do you know what I mean,” Kendra said about her mother. “I truly was emotionally f—-d.”

Kendra’s aunt seemed to recognize the missed opportunities that are only apparent after a loved one has passed, and she tried to get Ms. Wilkinson to understand the importance of trying to reconnect with her mother.

“I think what I’m trying to say is that, I think while somebody is alive, if there is any way that to salvage a relationship for you, not for them … but that’s all, like I don’t know you that well.”

Kendra, on the other hand, seems to feel that she has done more than her share of reaching out, getting very little in return from Patti.

“I did a lot of reaching out, I did a lot of offering for therapy, and, you know, my mom just never accepted that, never reached out to me, never accepted my … you know, what I think would help us,” says Kendra. “You know, it was a lot of my side trying and not her side trying.”

US Weekly reports that the same episode reveals a confession from Kendra Wilkinson that she was “gay” for a period of two weeks, while she was in high school.

“Did you know I was gay at one point in my life?” Wilkinson, who is now married to Hank Baskett. “I dated a girl. In high school, I dated a girl [for] like two weeks.”

Wilkinson reveals that it was the other girl who ended the two-week relationship.

“She broke up with me!” Kendra said, laughing. “We would walk down the hallways holding hands and stuff and anytime [kids] saw us walking together, all you would see were all the students running to the window.”

[Featured image: Kendra Wilkinson courtesy of Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Playboy]