Rapper Drake Makes A Scene At Serena Williams’ Fashion Show

Drake, Serena Williams’ rumored boyfriend, is currently facing criticism for making a scene at Williams’ HSN Signature Statement show at New York Fashion Week.

On Tuesday, Drake was sitting in the front row with Vogue’s Anna Wintour and model Gigi Hadid when he reportedly got up and went backstage to congratulate Serena Williams but then suddenly became very upset.

According to an insider, Drake got so angry because the DJ played an explicit version of the rapper’s “Back to Back.”

“All of a sudden he came busting out from the backstage on to the runway area and approached the DJ. There was an animated discussion and Drake was upset. The DJ kept raising his arms as if to say, ‘It wasn’t my fault.'”

It turns out that Drake, 28, confronted the DJ because he was embarrassed that Anna Wintour heard the wrong version of his song. But it seems that the mix-up at Serena Williams’ show wasn’t the DJ’s fault at all.

The insider said that the DJ was visibly upset when he reasoned with Drake that he just played the mix that he was given and the unclean version of the rapper’s song was what he was given.

Just recently, angry tennis fans called out Drake for distracting Serena Williams during her game with Roberta Vinci. Drake was in the stands to show his support for Serena and fans say that he jinxed Williams’ game. Williams lost to Vinci, an unseeded underdog, in a brutal, three-set defeat.

But in defense of Drake, it’s really not his fault that Serena Williams blew her shot at a Grand Slam victory. In fact, the Canadian rapper showed his support for his girlfriend during the game and at her New York Fashion Week show.

At Williams’ HSN Signature Statement Show, it’s obvious that Drake is the tennis star’s biggest fan. He was beaming during the event.

It’s been speculated that Drake and Williams have been dating on and off since 2011. During a press conference in July, Williams said the she’s been friends with Drake for so many years and that he’s “just like family.”

Serena Williams and Drake have yet to go public with their relationship but they have been spending a lot of time together. They were even spotted engaging in serious PDA at a high-end restaurant Cincinatti!

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