Pamela Anderson Nude: 48-Year-Old Poses Completely Naked For ‘Flaunt’ Magazine

Pamela Anderson is posing nude, showing that even at 48-years-old the former Playboy model and Baywatch star still has what it takes to get people talking.

Anderson showed off her fit physique on the cover of Flaunt magazine, posing for famed photographer David LeChapelle. Anderson posed for a series of racy photographs, including one in which she wore black platform boots and a skimpy bikini while she posed next to a man dressed as a matador.

In two of the five shots that Flaunt shared online, Pamela Anderson was totally nude, with colorful glitter covering her body.

The magazine has much more than just the Baywatch star posing nude. The story chronicles a bit of her rise to fame after being discovered on a Jumbotron at a football game in Canada.

Anderson said even at the height of her fame, she tried to maintain a sense of just being a normal person.

The article noted her personal life as well.

“When Tommy [Lee, her first husband, and the drummer of Mötley Crüe] and I were together…and I was wearing rubber and he was beating up photographers, and I’m swearing, telling everyone to ‘F off,’ slowly I became this cartoon image—it became this kind of debaucherous cartoon character, but really the next day I was the woman at the school, getting the kids in the car, and kind of judging other people opening up their car doors to get their kids out—when I’m seeing a peanut butter sandwich on the floor of their car and thinking ‘Oh, this says a lot about that person,’ but then I’d shut the window and see my reflection, with glitter and my eyelashes sideways.”

But fame came with its drawbacks. Anderson recounted how a homeless stalker found her way into her home.

“A homeless person went into my home and was living in my guest house with my Baywatch bathing suit on, slicing her wrists. She had a letter that said ‘I’m not a lesbian I just want to touch you.’ She got my bathing suit out of my room, I was there alone with two babies and I remember seeing a face in a window—isn’t it the scariest thing you can think of?—you walk up to a dark window…I called security who couldn’t find her, and then she was in my house. Things kept going missing, where’s that loaf of bread, where’s my jean jacket, and I’d be like ‘am I going crazy?’ She was there for three or four days.”

Though she opens up in the story, most of the attention for Pamela Anderson was for the nude photo shoot that accompanied it. It garnered attention across the celebrity news landscape, with Us Weekly declaring that the 48-year-old Anderson has “still got it.”

Those who want to see Pamela Anderson in her nude photo shoot for Flaunt can click here.

[Picture by Mike Windle/Getty Images]