Six Memphis Officers Escort Young Girl To Father-Daughter Dance After Father Killed In Line Of Duty

One Memphis youngster got a one of a kind father-daughter dance earlier this month, thanks to the Memphis police department and 6 officers. Jewel Warren's father was also a cop and died in the line of duty in 2011 and when the 8-year-old received the invitation to the father-daughter dance she was understandably a little emotional.

The Memphis Police Department made a Facebook post on the department's page that said Jewel was 'at a loss' during this moment. However, her mother was determined to help her daughter and set out on a mission. Betsy Warren took the time to reach out to Donna Kirk, who is the founder of the Our Fallen Heroes Foundation, and widow of a firefighter as well as Taylor Amen, who is the wife of a current Memphis police officer, for assistance. The organization provides support to the families of firefighters and police officers who have died in the line of duty and they immediately sought the best ways to help out Jewel.


The women not only ensured that the fallen officer's daughter would attend the dance, but that she would attend it in style. A trip to a local hair salon was arranged and a lovely new dress was purchased as well as 6 rose carrying uniformed officers to be Jewel's escorts. The trip was also made in style, the officers and their young charge arrived at the dance in a 1972 Cutlass Supreme. ABC News interviewed the professional photographer who was recruited to document the special night and learned that the service was provided free of charge.

"I said, 'I will not accept money but I'd be happy to do it.' The emotion of it just blows me away."
Kirk relayed that there were actually numerous officers who wanted to be a part of Jewel Warren's special night but space was limited. It seems that there is now an actual waiting list formed for the next event. Swain noted that they became the life of the September 4th party, leading a conga line and dancing some styles not even she knew, despite being younger than some the officers. Huffington Post wrote that Taylor also said that the caring officers seemed just as excited as young Jewel, all toting huge smiles on their faces as they performed their escort duties.
"Jewel had so much fun but as the officers started coming out of the dance, I noticed the smiles on their faces. I think they had more fun."