Daniel Radcliffe Buys Conspiracy Theory About Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is a fan of a tall tale that wouldn’t be out of place in the Quibbler. During a recent interview, the British star talked about American politics and what he thinks of the rise of You-Know-Who.

According to TIME, Daniel Radcliffe thinks that there might be some truth to the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump has infiltrated the GOP and is running a false flag campaign because Hillary Clinton asked him to. In other words, Trump is the Snape to Hillary’s Dumbledore.

“If Trump was secretly working for Clinton to help her win, what would he be doing differently?” Daniel Radcliffe said during a recent interview with the Big Issue. “He is galvanising the crazy right-wing loony end of the Republicans, while turning away the moderates. And if he doesn’t get the nomination, he will run as an independent and split the vote. Also, his daughter is best friends with Chelsea Clinton. So much of it makes sense.”

According to Capital New York, Miami congressman Carlos Curbelo was one of the first people to float around the conspiracy theory that Daniel Radcliffe is so fond of. The Republican congressman dubbed Trump a “phantom candidate,” which definitely sounds like something you might find in a Harry Potter book.

“You don’t have to be from Hogwarts to know that Donald Trump is Voldemort,” Curbelo said after learning that Daniel Radcliffe had traded his wizard’s hat for one of the tinfoil variety.

Daniel Radcliffe might believe that Trump is clever enough to pull a fast one on the large number of voters who have been bamboozled into believing that there’s something more behind the media mogul’s braggadocio, but the GOP candidate definitely isn’t the British star’s cup of tea. Radcliffe told the Big Issue that he’s a fan of Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing leader of the UK’s Labour Party. The actor explained that Corbyn reminds him of a beloved teacher.

“In the only sit-down, casual interview I have seen with Jeremy Corbyn, he talks about his allotment and making jam, so he reminds me in the loveliest way of my English teacher, who is someone I am very, very fond of – so he has a fast track to my heart!”

Radcliffe went on to say that he thinks Brits are so excited about Corbyn because they admire his sincerity.

“I feel like this show of sincerity by a man who has been around long enough and stuck to his beliefs long enough that he knows them and doesn’t have to be scripted is what is making people sit up and get excited. It is great.”

This isn’t the first time Daniel Radcliffe has spoken about his political leanings. According to Salon, the Harry Potter star revealed that he’s an atheist who believes strongly in keeping religion out of politics.

“[I’m] a militant atheist when religion starts impacting on legislation,” he said.

This probably means that Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t share Donald Trump’s love of the Bible (he’s more of a Richard Dawkins fan).

[Image credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]