Theft Allegations And Topless Photo Raise Concerns Regarding Sarah Snyder, Jaden Smith’s Latest Love Interest

By all accounts, there’s some serious love blooming for Jaden Smith. Sarah Snyder, the 17-year-old film star’s new girlfriend, certainly has Smith’s undivided attention these days. Then again, she has also garnered the attention of celebrity-watching newshounds who are digging up dirt on the young woman in earnest these days, from troubling tales of criminal activity to a racy photo that purportedly shows an unseemly side of Snyder’s past.

On Thursday, celebrity news repository Hollywood Life reported that a photo has surfaced that allegedly shows Sarah Snyder sitting in the back seat of a car, clad only in a pair of ripped jeans and covering her bare breasts with a bunch of $100 bills. The NSFW photo is posted on gossip site Diary of a Hollywood Street King. There’s no independent verification that the woman in the photo is actually Snyder but this isn’t the first bit of weirdness to pop up since Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder became an item.

Snyder, a 21-year-old model, also has a criminal record according to New York Post‘s Page Six. Earlier this year, Sarah was charged with grand larceny for allegedly stealing a $15,995 Hermès purse from a store in Katonah, New York. Sarah Snyder was arrested and booked into jail but released shortly thereafter. Page Six and other outlets posted Snyder’s mug shot, which was obtained from the Bedford County Police Department. The case is still pending.

Hollywood Life reports that Sarah Snyder might also be a suspect in another theft case out of North Carolina, but details on that matter are sketchy at best.

Jaden Smith has also drawn some criticism from New York-based model Ian Connor who appears to have some history with Sarah Snyder based on a coarse tweet he posted back on June 7.

“Shouts outs Jaden Smith for wifing a b***h I used to f**k on hotel roofs.”

Despite all of the ho-humming and hot signing surrounding his new squeeze, Jaden Smith doesn’t seem too worried about the state of his relationship with Sarah Snyder. The affectionate couple was seen canoodling at the Gypsy Sports Show earlier this week and Smith also had Snyder on his arm when he hit Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 2 show.

Even though he’s not even old enough to vote, the teenage son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith already knows a thing or two about passion and heartbreak, as Jaden has previously been involved in romantic relationships with the likes of Stella Hudgens and Kylie Jenner. So despite Sarah Snyder’s apparent dirty laundry, if she can provide a bit of certainty and stability for Smith, he just might be willing to overlook a felonious foible or two.

[Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images]