Kate Middleton: Bangs Make A Debut As Duchess Of Cambridge Resumes Royal Duties

As expected, the Duchess of Cambridge resumed her royal duties this week, and she had a surprise for her followers: Kate Middleton has bangs.

It is no secret that people are obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge, and one of her fans’ favorite things to watch is her hairstyle. Kate Middleton’s bangs is something we haven’t seen in recent years and they are all people seem to be talking about.

Kate Middleton’s bangs made their debut on Sunday, when she and Prince William attended church services. However, the first official photos of Duchess Kate sporting her new hairdo came Thursday, when the 33-year-old mother of two returned to her royal duties following the birth of her daughter, Princess Charlotte, on May 2.

For the most part, the Duchess of Cambridge has remained in seclusion at home, taking care of Charlotte and her older brother, two-year-old Prince George. We have seen her in a few formal and informal events including the Princess of Cambridge’s Christening and a polo match where she was seen enjoying some mommy-son time with George while watching Prince William.

She also made an appearance at Wimbledon to support British tennis star Andy Murray and attended the America’s cup, but back then, the Duchess’ hair was as we have always seen it, long, with beautiful locks falling over her shoulders. Kate Middleton’s bangs have been received with mixed reactions, which is surprising in and of itself.

Usually anything the Duchess wears or does is an instant hit, but Kate Middleton’s bangs are not the hit she might have expected. Some are calling her decision to cut her locks questionable, because of one particular photo where Kate’s bangs are flopping in the wind in an awkward manner.

It seems Kate Middleton’s bangs are in the process of growing longer. Either that or she got them trimmed shorter than she wanted. Whatever the case, the Duchess surely made a fashion statement when she visited the Anna Freud Centre, which focuses on helping children with mental health problems.

As with anything the Duchess of Cambridge does, we expect that Kate Middleton’s bangs will start a trend, popular or not, so don’t be surprised to see a lot of adult women trimming their hair to look just like Kate.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]