One Direction Ahead Despite Pink Floyd Diss, 5SOS Pressure

One Direction is scattering now that they have finished their North American tour — and the 1D gents are not exactly being patted on the back since they announced their hiatus. Furthermore, in talking about how quickly 5 Seconds of Summer will replace One Direction — music industry statisticians indadvertedly revealed a change in 1D’s next album release date.

Nonetheless, it may not matter if One Direction is dissed by music celebrities of the past or upcoming bands when they have behind-the-scenes music investments hiding in plain sight that place them ahead of the game.

Apart from business matters, the idea that One Direction needs to take a break has gotten mixed criticism from other famous musicians. Alternatively, although there has been negativity from celebrities like Ringo Starr of the Beatles according to ITV, some celebrities are still showing support for One Direction.

For instance, People reports on September 15 that Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran stated the following about One Direction.

“I’m not surprised in the slightest [that One Direction is taking a break in 2016]. That is so normal. That was so predictable. It’s the fact they work every bloody day. The pressure on them is so great, something had to break. I think it’s a good decision. Good luck to them all – they’ve worked so hard.”

On the other hand, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd has harsh words for One Direction. The Irish Examiner said on September 17 that Roger Waters has “criticized One Direction in an attack on the state of the music industry.”

Roger Waters goes on to state that he has never listened to One Direction and “never will.” Waters stated that this is nothing personal against One Direction but instead he simply does not “listen to pop music, by and large” or boy bands in general.

Regardless, Roger Waters states the following in support of One Direction as a music choice.

“That’s not to say [boy bands do not have their] place and other people shouldn’t be interested in it – they always have been. There have always been artists who are controlled by some Svengali character in the background… As the years go on, there will be fewer Radioheads and REMs, bands who are serious about what they do, and there will be more and more of The Voice and Simon Cowell progeny and boy bands like One Direction.”

Although Roger Waters has no taste for boy bands, One Direction usually sells the most records — and therefore music business analysts watch their every move.

The latest theories about One Direction presented by Movie News Guide and Headline Planet are related to Hits Daily Double data compiled to help predict the next album release with the biggest sales.

In discussing the topic of One Direction’s release versus 5SOS’ upcoming album release, they declared 5SOS might have an edge because they are releasing their album on October 23. One Direction, on the other hand, was “slated for November 13.”

This data from Hits Daily Double indicates that One Direction may have changed their release date in the recent past. Previously, as reported by the Daily Mail and the BBC around August 25, One Direction’s fifth album was set to be released in December “before Christmas.”

Nevertheless, One Direction may not feel the need to be competitive with past legends like Pink Floyd or upcoming acts like 5 Seconds of Summer. In addition to benefitting from their own band profits, One Direction members are partial owners behind 5SOS LLP, according to a report by Billboard on October 3, 2014.

In other words, if 5SOS becomes popular, One Direction gets a chunk of their profits.

[Feature image via Stephen Lovekin/Stringer/Getty Images]