Eric Stonestreet Spotted With A Mystery Woman

Does Eric Stonestreet have a new love in his life? We don’t know if he’s moved on from Bethenny Frankel, but we do know that Stonestreet was spotted in Disneyland with a mystery woman.

The two seemed to have a good time at Disneyland on Wednesday. While in Disney, Eric Stonestreet and his mystery blonde hit famous rides like Alice in Wonderland, Casey Jr. Circus Train, Splash Mountain, the Storybook Land Canal Boats, and the California Screamin’ roller coaster.

Stonestreet and his mystery blonde weren’t alone — they were with a group of friends, so it might have just been a bunch of friends getting together, but so far Stonestreet has not commented on the matter.

In general Eric hasn’t commented on his relationships. As the Inquisitr reported, there’s been rumors for months that he’s dating Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel. While Stonestreet hasn’t said anything in regard to the rumors, Frankel commented on the Today show, “I am dating and I am having a really good time. In my book, I Suck at Relationships, I talk about working the burners. You want something on simmer, something boiling, taken something off.”

The Today show’s Samantha Guthrie said, “Wait, do you have multiple burners going right now?” Frankel responded, “I mean, I may be working the burners. I think that’s what women should do. I mean, I haven’t been that lucky in relationships, so it’s going to be a while until I profess my undying love, but the Today show will be the first place that I tell if I have anything to tell, because you know I’m an open book.”

That said, prior to rumors about Eric Stonestreet’s relationship with Bethenny, Stonestreet tweeted that he joined Tinder in an effort to play the field a bit.

Back in 2014, Stonestreet went on Howard Stern’s sirius show and opened up about dating online.

“I’ve gone out with a couple girls in L.A. that I met on Tinder, like on real dates. It’s hard to meet people.”

Stonestreet elaborated about Tinder on Access Hollywood, “I’ve had a rage of experience on Tinder. Meaning not great, really fun, super fun, and then meet really nice people who are potential girlfriends.”

Do you think Eric Stonestreet is dating the new mystery blonde?

[Photo by Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images]