Corey Simms Spends Time With His Father Amid ‘Teen Mom 2’ Drug Drama With Leah Messer

Corey Simms spent time with her father, Jeff Simms, on Wednesday, just one day before another shocking new episode of Teen Mom 2 aired on MTV. On Instagram, Jeff Simms’ father shared a couple of photos of a snake they ran into while out in the woods.

“Before and after pics, [Corey Simms] and I had an interesting evening. #rattlesnake @coreysimms2,” Corey Simms captioned the frightening photo.

Corey Simms has a close relationship with his dad, as does his wife, Miranda. Since Corey Simms began dating Mirada after his split from first wife Leah Messer, Jeff has had nothing but good things to say about her. Meanwhile, Corey Simms’ relationship with his ex-wife continues to be strained on Teen Mom 2.

Throughout the sixth season of Teen Mom 2, Corey Simms has made claims that Messer is secretly hiding a drug problem, but all the while, Messer has denied any such thing. She did, however, nearly pass out while holding a baby, put her children to bed at midnight and entered treatment while filming the show.

“She went from being normal to a complete 180. Prescription pill problem,” Jeremy Calvert tells Corey Simms in the sneak peek clip below.

Calvert is the second husband of Messer, and agrees with Corey Simms about her alleged addiction issue. In fact, he told a friend there was “definitely” a problem with Messer and her medication.

Corey Simms went on to claim he’s sick of everyone’s secrecy about Messer’s trip to treatment, which she claimed was to address issues of anxiety and depression.

“This drug issue that everyone knows she has is swept under that carpet and don’t want nobody knowing where she went. We’re the father of her children. We need to know what’s going on with the mother of our children. Why are you sweeping it under the rug acting like there’s no big deal? If it was us, what would happen?”

“We’d be f**king crucified,” Calvert responds.

“We would never see our children, ever again,” adds Corey Simms.

Corey Simms and his wife are currently fighting for full custody of his and Messer’s 5-year-old twins, Ali and Aleeah, and also have another child on the way. Meanwhile, Calvert is rumored to be dating Brooke Wehr as he continues to co-parent his daughter, Adalynn, 2, with Messer.

For more Corey Simms, tune into Teen Mom 2 season 6 on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV.

[Photo via Facebook]