Mia Khalifa Refuses To Star On ‘Bigg Boss 9’ Or Travel To India


Mia Khalifa is saying no to Bigg Boss 9 and India. Rumors swirled that the adult film star was going to be one of the contestants on the new season of Bigg Boss. This came after the news that Mia Khalifa’s Instagram account was hacked earlier this week.

It was a very busy week for the popular adult film star on social media. Khalifa’s Instagram account was hacked on Monday, Sept. 14. Four strange posts featured the Saudi Arabian flag and advertisements. Khalifa’s fans assumed that the alleged hacker was from Saudi Arabia.

The adult film star took to Twitter, so she could get some help back into her Instagram account.

Then rumors swirled that Mia Khalifa was going to be one of the contestants on India’s version of Big Brother and U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother. Sources told DNA India that Mia was seriously being considered for the reality show.

“The channels have approached a lot of people this time. Mia is one of them. Talks are on with her and she has shown interest.”

Well, it looks like Khalifa has no interest in joining the cast of Bigg Boss 9. She also has no interest in traveling to India anytime soon. She took to her controversial Twitter account to quash the rumors. Khalifa wrote, “Let’s get something clear: I am never stepping foot in India, so whomever said I have ‘shown interest’ in being on Big Boss should be fired.”

Now it looks like the Lebanese-American X-rated star has found herself in a fight with the country of India. According to Indians, Mia shouldn’t have dissed their country at all. Some took to Twitter to slam Mia for her controversial comments. In retaliation, they slammed Mia for her breast implants and her adult film career. One fan joked that the show is called Bigg Boss 9, not Big Boobs 9. Ouch!

Here are just some of the bitter responses that Khalifa received on Twitter. Most of the comments were too vile and crude to share.

@miakhalifa Let’s get something clear: Indians will not even allow you to step your foot in India after this kindda behaviour.

— अभिषेक सिंह (@abhishekprsnl) September 15, 2015

Mia Khalifa’s career was built on controversy. She’s been credited for creating the “hijab porn” genre with her adult videos that show her wearing the Muslim headwear while performing graphic sexual acts. In an interview with the Washington Post, Khalifa said that her videos were satirical in nature and were not to be taken seriously. The Miami-based star also revealed that she has received death threats from Muslims and is estranged from her parents.

Mia’s interview also hinted that she may have regrets about getting into the adult film industry. But that hasn’t stopped her from becoming the world’s No. 1 adult film star on the internet.

Bigg Boss 9 will premiere on Oct. 11, although a list of contestants have not yet been confirmed. The only one that’s reportedly been approached by the Bigg Boss producers is Gurmeet Ram Rahim, filmmaker of MSG-2: The Messenger.

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