‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell And His WWE Rival, Stardust, Raise Nearly $300,000 For Children

Arrow star Stephen Amell is fairly well-known for his social media outreach to fans, and also about his numerous charity works. The Inquisitr reported in march about a young Arrow fan whose mother reached out to Amell to come to her child’s birthday party as a surprise. The resulting video made a young Arrow fan’s birthday all the more super, when Stephen Amell appeared on her TV screen at her birthday party with a special Arrow-themed birthday wish. According to Comicbook, Amell was even able to put aside his differences with his new WWE rival, Stardust, less than a month after the two met in an epic match at WWE SummerSlam.

Stephen “Green Arrow” Amell teamed up with Cody “Stardust” Rhodes to raise money for Emily’s House, a children’s hospice in Toronto, Canada. Amell posted on his Facebook about the event, and just how much he and his nemesis, Stardust, had raised.

“”Sometimes you need to put your differences aside for a good cause. So today… Stardust and I presented Emily’s House in Toronto with a check for $297,557 and helped open the Dream Space Playroom in memory of Oliver ‘Odd Sock Ollie’ Muirhead. The people who work and volunteer and Emily’s House are actual real life superheroes. The Muirhead family should know that their son left a wonderful impression.”

The Arrow star even had a “break from character” to describe his rival Stardust in a very generous way, considering Amell took him to the mat at SummerSlam and all.

“And forgive the break in character for a moment, but Cody Rhodes is one of the most selfless, genuine human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. What a day.”

Stardust made a promise, according to WWE Community, that if he and Amell’s push for Emily’s House yielded $150,000, that he would personally deliver the check. As the amount nearly doubled, Stardust took to Twitter to express his shock.

“297 thousand-dollars raised in just five days.”

Amell and Stardust, leading up to their SummerSlam matchup about a month ago, started selling an “Amell V. Stardust” shirt that kicked off the donations that would later reach over a quarter million.

Stephen Amell and Stardust’s charity drive was shortly before the internet uproar over Amell’s tweet regarding Ahmed Mohammed, which has since caused him to take a break from social media. In an eight part tweet, as Twitter only allows so many characters, Amell explained in detail his initial tweet. Considering all of Stephen Amell’s charity work, and good nature, it seems like the fracas of his seemingly innocent tweet will be forgotten soon enough.

[Image via Gage Skidmore / Anton Jackson / Creative Commons]