Nathan Griffith Snapchat Photo: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Says, ‘He Said I Could Spend The Night’

Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans may have split in July, but the Teen Mom 2 couple’s relationship continues to be speculated upon due to a recent Snapchat photo. Although the photo has since been deleted, rumors continue to swirl regarding why Nathan Griffith was photographed in his underwear with his ex-fiancee.

On September 17, following reports of a reconciliation, Evans spoke to OK! Magazine, acknowledging the half-naked photo of herself and Nathan Griffith, but insisting they weren’t yet back together.

“I went to drop off Kaiser and we went to have a couple of drinks, and you know, his mom was watching Kaiser for the night, so, he said I could spend the night so I did.”

Nathan Griffith and Evans dated on and off for just over two years before announcing their split at the end of July. Since then, Nathan Griffith was rumored to be dating Jessica Henry, but because of his photo with Evans, and her admitted overnight visit, it seems unlikely they are still together.

While Nathan Griffith’s relationship with Evans is not officially back on, they continue to co-parent their young son Kaiser, 1, and Evans’ custody battle with her mother, Barbara, has been put on hold.

“Me and my mom, since I moved closer to her, we are kind of putting it on hold until I get this co-parenting situation worked out with [Nathan Griffith],” Evans explained.

For years, Evans has been speaking of regaining custody of her 6-year-old son, and on Teen Mom 2, the two women were seen discussing the issue. Unfortunately, however, they couldn’t agree on the terms out of court, and up until now, they appeared to be heading for a custody battle.

Evans went on to reveal she’s been on Tinder after breaking up with Nathan Griffith.

“I’m on Tinder, but, I mean, it’s like I get so many matches a day that’s kind of overwhelming and I just kind of leave it alone for like a week and then I’ll go back on. It’s kind of like a newspaper to me.”

Evans also spoke of her upcoming book.

“I’m doing New York Fashion Week like this, and I’m working on my book and we might be doing another season so we’ll see. It’s going to be basically an autobiography about my life. I’m including 10 of my childhood diaries in it.”

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[Photo via Instagram]