Drake’s Artist, Makonnen, Sides With Sauce Walka? New Drizzy Diss Track Called ‘Wack To Wack’

Disclaimer: All videos and audio contain explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Does Drake have any real friends? Or should he stick to “no new friends.” It appears that Red Dragon Makonnen agrees with Sauce Walka, even after saying life is good with OVO Sound. What the heck?

Houston-rapper Sauce Walka seems to have started something. While Drake is still relishing in the victory over Meek Mill, this particular rapper has come at Drake with more allegations. Yet, matters could be worse. Is there treachery from inside OVO’s camp?

Drake’s artist, Makonnen — known for having the “club going up on a Tuesday” — tweeted what seems to be him “choosing.” Although the “Wack to Wack” track is what it is and is getting a lot of positive feedback, Makonnen may or may not be on that response team.

However, things may not be as they appear. As reports DJ Booth, a few days prior to the diss track, he was giving Drake and OVO Sound major props. Is Makonnen not feeling Drake any longer? That’s not determined. Sources could be misinterpreting his tweet. Although it was made shortly after the diss track was released, the following is what relates his tweet with the track.

At the end of “Wack to Wack,” Sauce Walka begins talking about Drake’s past in Houston. While mentioning that he had Drizzy sneaking around town and missing shows, Walka stated as follows.

“When you was in Houston, I pulled up at Del Frisco’s/With them shooters with me, and y’all was real nervous/I came to the dinner table, real urgent/That whole weekend, I had you around the city sneaking/You missed about three shows that weekend…”

“And now, you done started some bulls**t…I tried to let’m make it. But this flavor… this ‘drip’?… Nah. Can’t take it. This ain’t about how rich we is. This about how much of a b***h you is. See, you been stealing Houston’s and H-Town’s culture. You been being a ‘culture vulture’. But now, you wanna take it far as the ‘drip’? Nah. It’s on.”


But what is “drip”? In case you’re wondering, it’s a dance he claims to have created called “drip sauce.” Supposedly, as reports Hip Hop DX, Drake performed the dance at one of his recent shows.

Apparently, the two had subtle beef anyway, as goes the lyrics in the track. According to BET, in early 2015, Drake was supposed to feature on one of Sauce Walka‘s tracks, “2 Legited 2 Quited,” but didn’t. When Drake “dripped sauce” during his performance, maybe the Houston rapper deemed that as overstepping?

To digress, it could be possible that Makonnen was only tweeting “Drip” because Drake recently performed it, and “Red Dragon” also liked doing the dance. However bad the timing, no statements have been confirmed by Makonnen regarding what he meant. While his Twitter page isn’t direct and abounds in mystery, he did post another update.

In his interview with DJ Booth, he did say that successful territory comes with “s**t” and drama.

What do you think of Makonnen’s position? Did he choose Drake or Sauce Walka? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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