Jill Duggar And Husband Derick Dillard Tease Exciting News, Is There A Pregnancy Announcement Coming?

There is an announcement coming soon from Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard. The former reality star and her family have been home in Arkansas for a couple of weeks now and are planning on spending a month here in the states before heading back to the mission field in El Salvador. They have been busy getting some things together, but Derick took time out to send out a post on his Twitter account on Thursday saying that there is a special announcement coming soon.

The new dad actually used the word exciting, and you can bet that Duggar fans are trying to guess just what this piece of news could be. The first thing that comes to mind is that Jill Duggar Dillard is pregnant with their second child. Rumors of another pregnancy went around social media when it looked like she had a small baby bump in a video that she posted before they came home. That announcement would certainly be the obvious one.


However, it could have something to do with their work in the mission field. The couple were just commissioned at their home church on the same day that Amy Duggar got married. On their family blog, Jill and Derick had mentioned that they have moved everything out of their old house in Arkansas, which isn’t too far from the Duggar home. That seems like they will be permanently moving to Central America with their son, Israel.

Most fans are hoping that this exciting announcement will be that there is a new reality show in the works for the Dillard family. While that idea seems pretty doubtful, you certainly can’t count that out completely.

Baby Israel is now five-months-old and growing like a weed. The Duggar family has been able to spend some quality time with him, and also with his mommy and daddy, before they all head back to the mission field.

Entertainment Tonight had just recently reported that Jill and Derick have been criticized for spending some of the funds from their missionary work to make trips back home for visits with their family and to attend a couple of weddings. However, it looks like this trip was to also take care of some business while they are here. The money that they have received from donations probably include these types of expenses that include coming back for visits as well as their mission work.

It sounds like this is just the beginning of a new life for them as they have said that they are out to help the locals in Central America. Be sure to look for that exciting announcement from Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard on their family blog sometime soon.

Do you think this will be a pregnancy announcement or something else?

[Photo by Jill Duggar Instagram]