Drunken Man Sexually Assaults Woman, Finds Out Too Late That She Is A Boxing Champion [Video]

A man who sexually assaulted two women while travelling on a bus in Quingdao in China’s eastern Shandong province on September 9, 2015, found out only after he had received the beating of his life after he had tried to grope a former boxing champion.

Footage from security cameras shows the apparently drunk man allegedly attempt to sexually assault two women sitting in the back of the bus.

The women defended themselves vigorously and the confrontation erupted into a brawl that lasted about 30 minutes during which the man took a beating from the female boxer and her companion.

The Chinese People’s Daily reports that the incident occurred at about 8 p.m. on September 9.

Chen, the bus driver, said that trouble started soon after the man got on the bus. At first, the women merely protested the man’s inappropriate behavior.

The bus driver said that as he drove along, there was shouting from the back of the bus and he heard one of the women saying, “You want to be ashamed,” and later, “he bullied us.”

“Suddenly the girls screamed. I vaguely heard them shouting, ‘You want to be ashamed,’ and ‘he bullied us.’ I quickly stopped the bus and looked behind me.”

Chen stopped the bus to investigate the cause of the commotion. The women accused the man of assaulting them sexually and attacked him. They kicked him off the bus, but he got back on the bus and reportedly attempted to strangle one of the women.

That was when a big fight broke out.

After the man realized that he had picked a fight with the wrong pair, he pleaded and apologized for his conduct but the women had no intention of letting him off.

The fight continued until police officers arrived. The officers stopped the fight and detained the three, but only after the allegedly drunken man had suffered a severe drubbing.

Police later identified the woman as a former boxing champion.

“Although we encourage women to protect themselves and fight against sexual harassment on public transport, these two women were a bit extreme,” a spokesman for the police reportedly said.

The comment by the police spokesperson could be an indication of how badly the man was beaten.

[Image: YouTube Screengrab]