Justin Bieber Fans Get Into A Bloody Fight In Paris Outside Radio Station [VIDEO]

Justin Bieber fans can get pretty violent — who knew?

TMZ reports that hundreds of girls gathered outside a radio station in Paris to catch a glimpse of Bieber, who was there to promote his new number one single, “What Do You Mean.”

Things escalated quickly and soon the girls were throwing punches at each other. Security guards had to intervene and break up the fight but it left one girl bloody and in tears.

Is that really any way to treat your loyal fans who have stood by you through your many brushes with the law, Justin?

Bieber also got very testy during a recent appearance on the Today Show when he felt that the cameras weren’t really catching the “brilliance” of the choreography he was performing.

“The camera’s there the whole time, I might as well not even dance,” Bieber complained as the morning show threw to commercial break. It’s obvious that he didn’t realize that his microphone was still on.

“What do I even do this for if they are just going to–” the “Boyfriend” singer complained before the screen cut to commercial break.

Adding to his talk show woes, Justin Bieber recently destroyed a camera with a T-shirt cannon on a recent appearance at The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Despite his recent slipups with fans and cameras, Justin Bieber’s single “What Do You Mean” debuted on the Billboard Hot 100, making him the youngest male singer ever to achieve that feat.

[Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images]