German Bus Driver Saves Kids Seconds Before Train Crashed

The incident took place in Buxtehude, near Hamburg, on Wednesday, September 16, and was captured on video. Apparently, the school bus was trying to cross the tracks when the railroad crossing barrier came down.

The 23-year-old German bus driver tried to move the bus, but it had become stuck on the tracks due to a mechanical issue. The driver, who has not been identified, then tried to contact the rail operator Deutsche Bahn, but was unable to pass on the warning before the train collided with the school bus. The train driver tried to ignite the emergency breaks, but it was simply too late, and the train crashed into the driver’s side of the bus.

“The B37 road is currently closed due to road works,” a police spokesperson explained to the German publication Bild. “The bus needed to take a detour through town. As it was crossing the rail tracks the joint system broke stopping it from going further.”

“The driver had tried to get in contact with [rail operator] Deutsche Bahn. A minute later the train crashed into the bus,” the spokesperson added.

Thankfully, the driver was able to act quickly, and managed to evacuate all 60 kids before the collision. While none of the children, or the driver, was injured, one passenger on the train, which sustained serious damage, sustained a minor injury.

A replacement bus arrived shortly after the crash and took the children to school. The train line remained closed later on Wednesday.

“It would’ve been much worse if the bus driver hadn’t been so quick-witted,” said the police spokesperson.

The total damage of the train is expected to total over $300,000.

[Photo via Shutterstock]