Monica Bellucci: James Bond Is Perfect Because ‘He Doesn’t Exist’

Actress and model Monica Bellucci will become the oldest ever “Bond Girl” when she appears in Spectre later this year. Bellucci will play Bond’s love interest, Lucia Sciarra, in the movie, the 24th iteration in the James Bond franchise. Bellucci’s selection as a “Bond Girl” at 51-years-old has raised more than a few eyebrows, but the former model has made it pretty clear that she does not wish to be labelled as a “Bond girl.”

In an interview in today’s Guardian, Bellucci talks about what drew her to the role and explained just why James Bond is the perfect man. Bellucci plays an Italian widow whose husband was murdered, and his killers now have their sights fixed on her.

Sky News reports that Sam Mendes thought that Bellucci was perfect for the role of Sciarra because she has a sense of mystery and hidden depths and because she is “an incredibly seductive presence in life and in the movie.” If Bellucci’s comments to the Guardian are anything to go by, then Monica is also pretty feisty. Asked why she thought her casting had struck a nerve with some people, Monica said it was because men hold all the power in Hollywood.

“All the laws are made by men. Men think that women, when they’re not able to procreate any more, become old. That is not true – they are still amazing! That’s why I think that Sam Mendes, in choosing me, an adult woman, created a big revolution.”

Monica went on to say that in Paris it is not unusual for more mature women to play “strong sexy roles.” Bellucci was adamant that she should not be labelled as a Bond girl because she is “too mature.” Monica claims that she is proud to be a “Bond woman,” and she went on to explain why Bond is the perfect man.

“I’m proud to be a Bond lady, because actually, Bond is the most amazing man. You know why? Because he doesn’t exist.”

If Bellucci’s character is as feisty as Monica is in real life, then Bond will have his work cut out in Spectre. The movie sees Bond go on a rogue mission to Mexico City, where he picks up a trail leading to Rome where he meets Bellucci’s character before uncovering details of the sinister Spectre organisation.

Film fans will be able to see Monica Bellucci and Daniel Craig in Spectre when it is released next month.

[Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images]