Good Lorde! Singer Attends New York Fashion Week With A Not So Stylish Eye Ailment

Lorde! What is going on with your face, girl? The singer didn’t let a minor eye ailment keep her from attending this year’s New York Fashion Week, but what is really going on there?

New York Fashion Week always sparks discussions when it comes to the new styles hitting the runway and the celebrities that attend the shows. While everyone may have been wondering just what North West’s thoughts were on daddy Kanye’s show may have been, all eyes seemed to be on Lorde and her rather irritated looking eye!

According to E! News, Lorde wasn’t going to let a little eye ailment keep her from attending Kanye West’s runway show, but everyone had one question on their minds: “Does Lorde have pink eye?”

Well, we aren’t quite sure what exactly is causing Lorde’s rather puffy, pink and purple looking eye, but since everyone was wondering, the singer took to Instagram to show off some close-ups. In the first photo she posted, she captioned it with “one question: what happened to your eye?”

All fans really get from this photo is that Lorde is getting all primped up, we assume for Kanye’s runway show, but fans get no real answers as to what may be causing the singer’s eye problem. So of course, Lorde posts a second image, this time a better close up of her face and captions it with the following message.

“The skin is peeling off my lips and hands these days i very rarely see the sun and my eye is weeping and screaming and it’s fashion week and everyone already thinks i’m strange and it’s a kanye show where the freaks are beautiful so why not say fuck it and let’s dance with the melodrama? ps. the show was crazy i got to wear sneakers and had the best bear hug from drizzy and now i’m in bed in a sweater editing something cool for you guys to see very soon.”

Again, no hints at what exactly may be causing Lorde’s eye problem. US Weekly suggested the fact that Lorde has been working hard on some new music could be stressing her out and causing the eye problem, especially after she took to Twitter to post the following message.

So, what is it, Lorde? Whatever it is, fans are hoping she feels better real soon.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]