Kate Middleton Rumors: Duchess Kate In Royal Family Drama As Queen Elizabeth Shuts Out Her Mom, Carole Middleton

Kate Middleton is rumored to be in the middle of some royal family drama, with reports that Queen Elizabeth has taken action against Duchess Kate’s reportedly over-involved family.

Kate shares an especially close relationship with her mother, Carole Middleton, who has reportedly been a big influence on how Kate and Prince William are raising their two children.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that Queen Elizabeth may be stepping in to separate Kate Middleton from her mother.

“It’s no secret Kate and William have been having marriage problems, but Queen Elizabeth summoned the royal couple to Balmoral to, once again, intervene in their marriage. Prince William and Kate had separated in September of 2014 for nearly a month before the Queen stepped in to prevent another divorce as Kate was already pregnant with Princess Charlotte. But, noticeably absent in the royals’ lives is Carole Middleton.”

Past reports have indicated that Carole Middleton is playing a large role in Duchess Kate’s life, with a heavy influence that is often pushing Kate away from royal traditions.

She is reportedly pushing Duchess Kate to have another baby. The Hollywood Gossip reported that Carole is trying to convince Kate Middleton to keep having children, even though she has endured two difficult pregnancies already.

“That’s right, Kate’s mom – not any member of Prince William’s royal family – is the one urging the Duchess of Cambridge to keep crankin’ ’em out.

“Her first two pregnancies captivated the world, stimulated the British economy hard and generally made Kate and all things close to her look swell.

“Carole, meanwhile, is seen by many observers as the quiet orchestrator behind the scenes of Kate’s subtle but firm break from royal family tradition.”

But there appears to be some tension within the royal family about who has more say in Kate and William’s lives. A new report claimed Prince Charles has insisted that Kate have only female bodyguards, fearing that she could fall for a male bodyguard just like Princess Diana allegedly did.

An insider from Scotland Yard’s royal protection unit reportedly spilled details about the arrangement.

The source explained (via the Express), “From the start, when Kate became engaged, it was Charles who made the woman-only stipulation, saying he didn’t want her compromised in any way.”

But it is often difficult to separate rumors surrounding Kate Middleton from the truth. Duchess Kate has been plagued by reports about alleged pregnancies and marital problems with Prince William, and more often than not, those have turned out to be false.

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