Pasta Pass Fans Rejoice, Olive Garden Is Bringing Back The Never Ending Pasta Pass With A New Twist

Remember last year when Olive Garden introduced its never ending pasta pass, which allowed you to eat non-stop pasta, breadsticks, and salad at Olive Garden for only $100? Well, pasta lovers, loosen your belts and prepare to devour American-made Italian food, because Olive Garden is bring back their never-ending pasta pass.

This year, though, Olive Garden is adding a twist on their never-ending pasta pass. Now, Olive Garden is offering a family version, which costs $300 and allows the pasta pass holder to bring three guests with them at a time to enjoy the never-ending pasta any day of the week between Oct. 5 thru Nov. 22, according to Fox News.

Olive Garden is selling 2,000 of the never ending pasta passes, dividing it between 1,000 individuals passes and 1,000 family passes. So, if you really want this pasta pass, get your clicking fingers ready, because the never-ending pasta pass will go on sale on Thursday at 2 p.m. EDT. Last year, the individual pasta passes sold out in 45 minutes, and the Olive Garden website crashed because people were serious about their pasta.

Jose Duenas, executive vice president of marketing for Olive Garden, said as follows.

“At Olive Garden, helping families create memories together is at the heart of everything we do. We were thrilled with the responses to our Never Ending Pasta Pass last year, and that’s why we are excited to expand the offer to give families a way to join in the celebration together.”

The never-ending pasta pass only allows you to have unlimited pasta and Coca-Cola drinks, which means everything else is extra, including the tip. But you can still do take-out with the never ending pasta pass and get up to four meals twice a day with the family pass, but you are not allowed to get refills.

The never ending pasta pass may seem like a great idea, but who knows what side effects you will have after eating that much pasta. Last year, Syracuse radio personality Josh Grosvent tweeted out that he had gotten the pasta pass and halfway through the seven-week promotion he tweeted “No more Olive Garden… I’m gonna explode,” according to Syracuse.

If you are serious about getting your never ending pasta on, then you can get the pass today, and it will ship within two to seven business days. The pass will be available at this link at 2 p.m. EDT, and they will sell out fast, so be prepared.

[Image provided by Olive Garden / Twitter]