Kate Gosselin Dumped: Jon Gosselin Loving The Fact That Ex Is Single Again

Kate Gosselin has been dumped by her millionaire boyfriend Jeff Prescott, and while she may be down in the dumps about the break up, as Jeff allegedly left her for a younger woman, there is one person who is totally excited about Kate’s split with Jeff: her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin.

Jon Gosselin has (kind of) spoken out about his ex-wife Kate Gosselin’s break up with Jeff Prescott. Radar Online reports that Jon, the father of Kate’s eight children, actually posted a link to the article on his Facebook page revealing Kate was dumped by the millionaire and used an emoji to reveal his feelings on the situation.

Jon’s emoji of choice was the “hallelujah hands” along with the caption “Hahahahaha.” Jon’s emoji immediately began racking up the likes on Facebook.

It’s not a shock that Jon Gosselin would poke fun at his ex-wife Kate Gosselin online, as the couple have had a very rocky divorce. The pair, who shot to fame during their TLC reality series Jon and Kate Plus 8, which documented their lives with the big brood, called it quits about six years ago after tons of allegations that Jon was cheating and that Kate was a monster mom. Since that time, they’ve had nothing good to say about one another in the media and have been battling for custody of their eight children, Cara, Maddy, Hannah, Alexis, Leah, Aiden, Colin, and Joel.

The Hollywood Gossip reports that most recently, Jon and Kate Gosselin have been fighting over the custody of only one of their children, Hannah, who allegedly revealed she wants to live with her father and not with her mother. The matter is still reportedly in the judge’s hands, which may be why Jon kept his negative comments and celebration to a minimum. However, if he’s gloating online, it’s safe to say he’s likely really gloating behind closed doors about Kate Gosselin and Jeff Prescott’s big split, and the fact that Kate was left by her millionaire boyfriend for a gorgeous, young, blonde woman in her 20’s.

Kate has seemingly struggled to move on in the dating department since divorcing Jon, and Jeff was her first real public relationship since she ended her marriage. However, Jon has had a string of girlfriends since splitting with Kate, including Hailey Glassman, the daughter of the doctor who performed Kate’s tummy tuck, and Liz Janetta, with whom he appeared on VH1’s Couples Therapy.

What are your thoughts on Jon Gosselin’s reaction to Kate Gosselin being dumped by millionaire boyfriend Jeff Prescott?

[Photo By: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images]