Alex Anselmo Could Get Life In Prison For One Of The Most Brutal Rapes Ever Reported

Alex Anselmo was not ready to move on from the relationship he had with his 31-year-old ex-girlfriend. So in April, 2013 — close to a year after the breakup — he perpetrated one of the most truly heinous attacks you’ll ever hear.

Anselmo discovered through Facebook that she would be moving to Florida with her new boyfriend, so he went over to her Brooklyn home, forced his way in, and began a three-day torture spree that included rape, beatings, and, at one point, slicing the tendons in her feet so she couldn’t escape.

He was convicted of 17 charges and next month could be facing a life sentence.

According to the Daily Mail, the jilted ex-boyfriend tied his victim to the bed, then raped and sodomized her “up to four times a day.”

At one point, he also beat her with a dumbbell and shaved her head.

Alex Anselmo reportedly did all this to the woman while making her 2-year-old daughter stay in the living room while the assaults were occurring. He also ran searches for how to sterilize a woman, and how many Xanax pills it takes to cause death. Prosecutors also reportedly recovered a picture showing a stab wound on the woman.

In a separate report from the New York Daily News, Anselmo — described by prosecutors as “a monster” — refused to give the two-year-old “adequate food” during the “72 hours of hell.”

The horror was finally brought to a close when a concerned neighbor dialed 911 due to sounds that were coming from the woman’s apartment.

She testified against him at the trial, and the sentencing hearing will take place at an unspecified date in October.

Understandably, readers were shocked and horrified by the details of the assault.

“What I think any time I read a story like this is I can’t believe how evil humans can be, but I also believe it’s mostly horrifying to women, because the victim’s a woman and most men, at least in the U.S., can’t empathize with women and subconsciously view them as lesser humans,” wrote one commenter.

Another called Alex Anselmo a “knuckle-dragging oxygen thief,” while a third lamented, “There’s a reason for the death penalty,” implying that life in prison — if that’s the sentence handed down — may not be enough.

What do you think about it, readers? Should countries that allow the death penalty expand the reach to people like Alex Anselmo, who are guilty of violent crimes that go beyond murder? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Alex Anselmo via Brooklyn Police]