Galaxy S6 Edge Display To Face Probable Apple Competition

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the iPhone 6s Plus are set to square off in the latest battle of the smartphone wars. Apple’s new 6s Plus features a host of dynamic new features, including their A9 processor technology, an upgraded 12 megapixel camera, and predicted suggestions built into Siri, as reported by Fox News in a recent report.

However, in many cases, the perception is that Apple is playing a bit of catch-up with their latest upgrade, as the Samsung S6’s 16-megapixel camera has received a lot of positive reviews since its debut. Additionally, the visually unique “edge” display of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is poised to be not just an aesthetic enhancement, but a highly functional element of future S6 technology that will offer numerous new features, according to Pocket-Lint.

The screen display quality of the Galaxy S6 Edge has also received a lot of positive acclaim via social media, something that has surely not been missed by Apple executives.


Therefore, it comes as little surprise that Apple recently filed a patent application for their own “flexible, touch-sensitive OLED displays (that) could be bent to fit multiple edges of electronic devices like tablets or smartphones” that suggests similar functionality to the Galaxy S6 Edge. As Lucy England reported on Business Insider in mid-August, Apple’s latest patent application submission is a continuation of several earlier applications, dating back to 2011.

While the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge shows alerts on the side display, the Apple patent application suggests different functionality, such as camera controls and music playlist management. This differentiation is important as it relates to intellectual property and patent law, a subject that is no stranger to either of these tech giants as they have engaged in a protracted, multi-billion dollar legal battle that Vanity Fair recently dubbed “The Great Smartphone War.”

Based on guidelines for utility patents, which generally dictate that “the subject matter sought to be patented must be sufficiently different from what has been used or described before,” it is not surprising that Apple’s patent application for a display seemingly very similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge would emphasize functionality and features that are not included in Samsung’s current product model.

With Apple and Samsung slated to face off in court yet again next Spring for the latest round in their on-going smartphone patent war, it will be interesting to monitor on-going developments in the patent application and grants process for both companies as they relate to the Galaxy S6 Edge and Apple’s competing technology. That functionality may very well be the focal point of yet another court battle in the years to come.

[Image Credit: Andrew Burton / Getty Images News]