Is Beyonce Pregnant? Star Drops Major Hint While On Vacation

Beyoncé is quite the multi-tasker: she’s currently on vacation, lounging aboard yachts, whilst fueling rumors that she’s pregnant with her second child.

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As TMZ reports. the Bey-hive, her oh-so-passionate fandom, were buzzing this week when the “Love On Top” singer was spotted in a one piece bikini with a towel around her stomach. This got lots of people thinking that Beyoncé could have been hiding the beginnings of a baby bump.

But those rumors have died down because of new photos of Bey on vacation. In the photos, she raising a toast with what looks like champagne. Not exactly something an expectant mother would be drinking.

Now to be fair, she isn’t actually drinking the champagne in this photo, so Beyoncé is still keeping us guessing. The last time the world saw Beyoncé pregnant, she kept speculation rife about the actual due date until Blue Ivy was born.

What we do know is that the Queen B has been in the studio working on music. British producer Naughty Boy, who’s best known for his work on Sam Smith’s “La La La,” and a feud with Zayn Malik, has been dropping some major hints that he’s about to drop a song that features Beyoncé.

If you look at Naughty Boy’s twitter, you’ll see that he’s been tweeting constantly about a song called “Runnin’ (Lose It All),” which brings together Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin. The story behind the collaboration is pretty interesting. According to the Telegraph, Naughty Boy recorded the track and put it up on YouTube. But Beyoncé soon requested that he take it down so that she could record the song with him.

Naughty Boy has so far posted artwork, lyrics, and a 15-second teaser for the track, where you can hear Beyoncé’s voice singing in her trademark soulful style. Looks like the video will be premiering at the same time as the song. Pretty sure the Bey-hive is beyond ready to hear the entire thing.

But whilst all that is going on, the Queen Bey is obviously still focused on enjoying her vacay with her friends and family, if the pictures she’s been sharing on Instagram are anything to go by. The singer has posted pics of her and Blue Ivy wearing flower crowns surrounded by lush greenery.

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Beyoncé, and husband Jay Z, have also been seen sharing some romantic moments, which along with the baby rumors go a long way in dismissing speculation that the two powerhouse entertainers are getting a divorce.

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