Wrestling Icon Sting Speaks About Joining WWE, Feuding With Seth Rollins, And Putting Over Triple H

Wrestling icon Sting spoke with Rolling Stone recently in the lead-up to his highly anticipated WWE World Title match at Night of Champions, touching upon topics ranging from his feud with Seth Rollins to his experience joining the WWE.

As part of the interview, Sting revealed that he hadn’t expressed a desire to go up against the younger faces of the WWE, as well as established legends like Triple H. Despite that fact, Sting said that he decided to “walk through that door” if it was presented to him, as the WWE is filled with “so many new, young, incredibly talented people – Seth being the best, I believe, as far as creativity and innovation in the ring.” Sting revealed that the development was as unexpected for him as it was for fans, but he chose to embrace the opportunity.

When asked if it had been difficult to sell his rivalry with Rollins in such a short time frame, Sting pointed out the massive respect that WWE fans have for his opponent, singling Rollins out as one of the best of the current crop of WWE performers.

“I suppose I could say yes or no, although I think it gets washed away, because the truth of the matter is Seth is the man right now in the WWE. He has a lot of respect from wrestling fans because of his ability to carry a storyline as well, so it’s not just me. It’s him. I will plug myself in and try to enhance it and make things as unbelievable as I possibly can.”

Sting also addressed fans who felt that his Raw promo several weeks ago “put Triple H over,” saying he doesn’t pay attention to those kinds of reports, and hadn’t previously heard about fan concerns, as WrestleZone reports.

“I don’t think there’s anyone who’s going to carry all that to Night of Champions and think about that, because the bottom line is, my focus is Seth Rollins. Triple H is Triple H, and he’s worth the put-over.”

Sting also said that he doesn’t regret signing on with WWE, calling it a gratifying experience and admitting that over the course of his 30-year career, he’s come to appreciate the wrestling business and fans on a deeper level. Though Sting only started doing public appearances after he joined WWE, the wrestler said that fans have been respectful, and “there’s a much higher level of appreciation now than there ever was.”

Who would you like to see walk out Night of Champions as @WWE World Heavyweight Champion? RT for Seth, FAV for Sting! pic.twitter.com/zFDtwkdPXO

— ProWrestlingVoice (@PWVoice1) September 12, 2015

When asked about the longevity of his career and how he holds it together at a stage in his life where many wrestlers have fallen apart, Sting talked not only about taking care of himself physically, but also cited his faith in Jesus as a guiding force. Sting also acknowledged that the newer generation of WWE performers are “a new breed of guys now, and they’re smarter than we were [and] taking care of themselves.”

Fans will get their chance to see whether Rollins or Sting prevails this Sunday, when WWE Night of Champions 2015 brings the two together again in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match.

[Photo by Miguel Discart – Own Work via Wikimedia Commons | CC BY-SA 2.0]