Adrienne Bailon Is Officially Done With Lenny Santiago

Adrienne Bailon has called it quits on her seven-month engagement to fiancee Lenny Santiago, People is reporting.

The former Cheetah Girl and now co-host of The Real revealed on Wednesday that she and the Roc Nation exec have ended their six-year relationship after some soul-searching.

“Through the summer, I went on my little Eat Pray Love journey, and it was a time for me to come to terms with my own truth and my honesty, and I am not engaged anymore, and we’re in a good place. It’s not an ‘aw’ thing, I promise you. We’re gonna be great friends forever, and I think it was a hard decision to make when you’re with somebody for such a long time. I think, as women, we have a hard time with change. It was hard for me. You have to be true to yourself, you have to be honest with yourself.”

Adrienne didn’t divulge any further details.

Also on Wednesday, Adrienne posted a photo on Instagram, along with an enigmatic caption, that seems to suggest that although she’s been through some difficult journeys, she’s at peace.

Candid 📷
“If I would have changed anything, it would have changed everything.”
#DressingRoomChronicles #TheReal! #Studying #Focused #Blessed #CanYouTellILoveFlowers?! Ha

Between 2007 and 2009, Adrienne Bailon famously dated Kardashian family black sheep Rob Kardashian, a relationship that ended rather poorly, depending on whom you ask. Bailon would later go on to say that being a Kardashian hurt her career, according to ET Online, a statement that actual Kardashians found insulting.

After that relationship burned out, she met and started dating music producer Lenny Santiago. In a February interview, Adrienne described what it felt like when the two got engaged.

“I still can’t believe it! I stare at my ring all day long and it just feels so surreal to have found my soul mate. I love him. He’s an incredible man, and I’ve kept it sacred for such a long time and it proves that sometimes… sometimes that works. It’s special and sacred to me, and I’ll keep it that way.”

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[Image courtesy of: Getty Images/Michael Kovac]