‘Grimm’ Spoilers: Nick ‘In An Extremely Dark Place’ And His And Adalind’s Baby

It sounds like you don’t want to get on Nick Burkhardt’s bad side when Grimm Season 5 begins. After all, the guy didn’t exactly have it easy as last season ended, and even just one of the tragedies in his life would probably be enough to send him hurtling towards the edge.

As Grimm Season 4 ended, Nick lost two of the women in his life in tragic ways. He discovered his mother’s head in a box in his house and then lost Juliette for good after she went dark after turning into a Hexenbiest, the unforeseen consequences of the spell they needed to perform in order for Nick to get his Grimm powers back. Oh, and of course, there’s the matter of Adalind carrying his baby. The guy just can’t catch a break!

So what’s coming up when Grimm Season 5 begins? Well, first things first: Juliette is definitely dead, and there doesn’t seem to be any signs that she’ll be coming back to life. In fact, there will be a funeral for her in the premiere, and David Giuntoli told TV Insider that they’ve “already shot pretty deep into the season and… seen no sign of her.”

“When a supernatural show proves to its audience that its characters are mortal and can indeed die, it ups the stakes,” he explained. “We don’t want to be that show that can fix anything, including death, with the perfect potion.”

As for Nick in the beginning of the season, “he’s gone rogue,” according to Giuntoli, and it’s going to be a reverse of how he was when the series first began.

“He no longer cares about police protocol. In fact, Nick no longer cares about his job. He starts [the season] in an extremely dark place, the exact opposite of how we met him at the start of the series, where he was 99 percent cop and 1 percent Grimm. Now he’s 99 percent Grimm and out for revenge against the Wesen world. But in our season premiere, he’ll focus that revenge on one person in particular.”

There is one thing that may keep him from going completely over the edge, and that’s his and Adalind’s baby.

“Having a son grounds him,” according to Giuntoli, and Nick’s paternal instincts are going to “kick in,” which actually leads to relocating – and who can blame him, especially after everything that has happened in that house? – the three of them to a bunker.

This baby is also going to affect Adalind, as co-creator James Kouf told TVLine that “she’s finding another side of herself.”

Grimm Season 5 premieres Friday, October 30 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

[Image via NBC]