WWE News: Backstage Update On Putting Rusev And Lana Back Together

Not many WWE fans are excited about the feud involving Lana, Summer Rae, Rusev, and Dolph Ziggler. Officials went a different route with this one, which should’ve been appreciated. WWE is attempting to use this angle as a TMZ-esque storyline. Lana left Rusev for Ziggler, and Summer left Ziggler for Rusev. Now, Rusev is under suspicion that Summer and Ziggler have a “thing” going on. WWE fans aren’t buying it.

Even still, the WWE is sticking with the original plans. Lana’s injury didn’t exactly help the situation. She was training for an in-ring debut, but fractured her wrist. The mixed tag-team match was supposed to take place at Night of Champions. WWE’s push came out of desperation, but the fans just aren’t interested.

The unpopular opinion is to think the WWE doesn’t listen to the fans. On the contrary, officials always listen to the fans and their thoughts on current booking. They don’t listen each time, but in key moments, they have. For example, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. That’s all that needs said.

In this particular instance, WWE fans may get their wish after all. According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Ringside News, the storyline involving Dolph Ziggler, Rusev, Lana, and Summer Rae could come to an end after a reunion of sorts occurs.

“There has been backstage talk among WWE officials about ending the current storyline with putting Rusev and Lana back together. The feeling is that both characters have ended up weaker by being apart. If this does in fact happen, the angle will most likely go much slower than before given that Lana is out of action for another four months.”

This wouldn’t end the feud immediately, but it’d speed up the process of all four participants moving forward in their own direction. It’s a shame that Ziggler and Rusev are being used this way. Both are incredible wrestlers with an impressive set of skills.

The WWE did what they could with this feud, but the WWE fans just don’t want to see it. Seeing Lana and Rusev reunite is an interesting way to go. That way, Ziggler can go where he belongs: to the main event.

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