‘Scandal’ Season 5 Spoilers: Will Fitz Finally Divorce Mellie and Move Forward With Olivia Pope?

Although it has been long in coming, ABC has finally released some spoilers concerning the upcoming Season 5 premiere of Scandal. With so many questions lingering from last season, including what will become of Fitz and Olivia now that two are finally together, what can fans expect to unfold in the opening episode?

According to Carter Matt, the official synopsis for the first episode, titled, “Heavy is the Hand,” Fitz and Olivia will be happily together as the two are united once again. Although the two enjoying their newfound freedom together doesn’t come as a huge surprise to fans, it will be interesting to see how their relationship moves forward. This is especially true considering Mellie is still in the mix. Will Fitz choose to officially cut ties with her and plan for a divorce?

Speaking of Mellie, new photos released by Entertainment Weekly indicate that a divorce actually may be in the cards between Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Mellie (Bellamy Young). The photos feature a tense scene between Fitz and Mellie, and Fitz doesn’t appear to be taking the situation very well. While this doesn’t necessarily mean the two are heading for a divorce, it does indicate that Fitz and Mellie aren’t going to reconcile any time soon in Season 5 of Scandal.

Meanwhile, in regards to Olivia (Kerry Washington), the episode will also feature her helping out the Queen of Caledonia. Apparently, Olivia will be trying her best to ensure the Royal family’s affairs remain outside of the public eye. While it’s good to finally to see her and Fitz together, it’s also great to see that their relationship isn’t getting in the way of Olivia’s professional life.

That being said, it isn’t clear how the Queen of Caledonia will interact with Fitz, and whether or not his relationship with Olivia will hamper her ability to help out the Queen. Will Olivia’s relationship with Fitz get in the way of her doing her job?

At the same time, the other photos that were released by ABC include a shot of Fitz and the Queen of Caledonia, and one of Olivia.

Elsewhere in the opening episode, Cyrus, Huck, and Mellie are dealing with the fallout after aiding Command. How this ties in with everything else is yet to be seen.

While we wait to see what becomes of Fitz and Mellie, and how Olivia handles her new assignment, the new season of Scandal is set to air September 24 on ABC.

[Image Courtesy: ABC]