Jacqueline Laurita Discusses Joe Giudice’s Bravo Reality Series, ‘Teresa Checks In’

Jacqueline Laurita is speaking out about Joe Giudice’s upcoming special on Bravo, The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In. Days after the official trailer was released, Jacqueline Laurita, who stars alongside Joe and his wife, Teresa, on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, released the following statement to Real Mr. Housewife in regard to the three-part documentary.

“I think it looks like a good heartfelt show. It’s real emotion. It’s deep. It breaks my heart and it’s going to be an emotional reunion once they are reunited again. What’s done is done and all they can do is move forward. I know it’s been a tough journey, but they will survive it. They are a strong family.”

Jacqueline Laurita has been a friend of the Giudice family for many years — even before they were cast alongside one another on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. However, it is unclear whether or not Jacqueline Laurita will appear on Joe’s new show, as well as whether or not she’s been in touch with Teresa, who is currently serving a 15-month prison term for crimes of bank and wire fraud (Joe will begin his term, a 41-month sentence, after Teresa returns home on December 23).

While Jacqueline Laurita’s role on the show remains unclear, a few of her co-stars, including Rosie Pierri and Melissa and Joe Gorga, will be seen.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jacqueline Laurita and Melissa Gorga were said to be feuding a few months ago, following filming on the sixth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. According to a Radar Online source, Jacqueline Laurita’s issues with Gorga reportedly stemmed from her dropping her as a friend after Season 5.

“When Melissa and [Jacqueline Laurita] were originally on the show together, Melissa was all over Jacqueline. Then when Jacqueline wasn’t on the show briefly for part of last season, Melissa dumped her like she was yesterday’s news.”

Although the two are at odds, the source claimed Jacqueline Laurita is pretending to be cool with Gorga for the sake of her job with Bravo.

“[Jacqueline Laurita] has accepted Melissa’s friendship again because Jacqueline wants Bravo to know she’s in the loop with all the women. She needs the contract for next season. All of a sudden now they are hanging out at each other’s houses. Every time they are out, they put it on social media on Facebook and Instagram to make it look like they are friends. They are trying to make it look like they hang out together, but the really don’t. They are using each other.”

Jacqueline Laurita has yet to confirm her Season 7 role on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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