Niall Horan’s Sour London Return, Las Vegas May Be Next

Niall Horan finished touring on September 12 and then spent almost a week partying for his September 13 birthday in America. However, now that Niall Horan is back in London and is possibly on Ellie Goulding’s mind, is he wishing he was back in America with Justin Bieber?

As it appears, the news in the U.K. as Niall Horan touched down in London is rather dour, and Niall Horan is showing social media that he is feeling the pain in several ways. Thankfully for Niall Horan, he might be returning to Las Vegas in the near future, especially if Louis Tomlinson has his way.

Currently in London, Niall Horan has shown that upon his return he is worried about upcoming football games in the U.K. Niall Horan tweets on September 15 to a Manchester United player stating, “@LukeShaw23 hope you’re well mate… Hope you make a full recovery dude!”

What kind of trouble is Luke Shaw in that even Niall Horan is sending him get-well-soon tweets? Unfortunately, Luke Shaw broke his leg, according to a Daily Mail report on September 16, and that means one of Niall Horan’s favorite football teams has a major player out for the rest of the season.

How upset could Niall Horan be about this news affecting Luke Shaw? Despite the busy tour schedule, Niall Horan met up with former Manchester United soccer players in Chicago when One Direction was touring in the area around July 30, according to the Mirror.

Adding to his London-related worries, on September 16 Niall Horan tweeted about travel-related pain with, “Yayyy 10 hour flight! Now to sit on the M25 in the lashing rain for 2 hours.. Can’t wait!”

As it appears, the M25 motorway that encircles London is notorious– and has been especially full of accidents lately. For example, on the day Niall Horan tweeted about the M26 on September 16, OneMK wrote, “There is a serious incident on the M25 clockwise after an accident earlier.”

Regardless, traffic on the M25 is the least of Niall Horan’s worries in London. According to the Daily Mail on September 17, Ellie Goulding has re-instigated the drama surrounding her alleged “tryst” with Niall Horan while she was with Ed Sheeran by releasing a song called “On My Mind.”

What fans want to know is who exactly Ellie Goulding has on her mind. Is it Goulding’s ex, Ed Sheeran, or her alleged fling-mate, Niall Horan?

The Daily Mail makes the following claim about “On My Mind”.

“Despite [Ellie Goulding’s] denial that the song is about anybody in particular, many fans have seen it as her way to get back at 24-year-old Ed, who she reportedly dated back in 2013. [Ed Sheeran’s] bitter song “Don’t” from his second album X, was written about Ellie, following her alleged tryst with One Direction’s Niall Horan.”

Sadly, it seems that Niall Horan may end up stating that he regrets going back to London — and will soon miss his recent birthday vacation in America in Las Vegas.

According to the Ireland Independent, Niall Horan was hanging out with Louis Tomlinson and “bikini clad clubbers” on September 16 in Las Vegas. This was part of Niall Horan’s post-birthday celebration and lots of celebrities helped him party. The Las Vegas Sun adds to this celebration with the following.

“Singer Justin Bieber, celebrating his current hit “What Do You Mean?” debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, joined DJ David Guetta behind the decks at XS in Encore for two consecutive nights with One Direction’s Niall Horan celebrating his 22nd birthday for another two nights in a row.”

Interestingly, it appears that Niall Horan may have a second chance to leave gloomy London behind and go back to Las Vegas in the near future. The Spec reports that there is a remote possibility that Louis Tomlinson might get married in Las Vegas.

Allegedly, around September 15, fans recorded Louis saying the following.

“Las Vegas. It’s the place to get married tonight. Let’s all go there now. Let’s get me married.”

[Feature image via Cameron Spencer/Getty Images]