‘Street Fighter V’ Adds Dynamically Curled Karin To Its Roster


Street Fighter V has revealed another member of its roster, and she will humiliate you and laugh in your face.

IGN reports that Karin Kanzuki will be joining the rest of the world warriors in this year’s Street Fighter Tournament. This is not Karin’s first rodeo, either. Karin made her debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and was introduced as a rival of Sakura Kasugano, a fan favorite in the Street Fighter franchise who idolizes Ryu and practices a similar form of martial arts to Ryu’s Ansatsuken style.

Karin was revealed during the Street Fighter V portion of the Capcom stage presentation the Tokyo Game Show, which is an analog of America’s E3 and Europe’s Gamescom. Karin was included in Street fighter V because she placed first in a fan poll conducted by Capcom.


Karin fights for the honor of her family, and she has a ball of a time doing it. She takes immense pleasure in embarrassing her rivals in the Street Fighter tournament with her “Kanzuki Style.” She is a close-up fighter, but to make up for her lack of distance, she has plenty of dash attacks to shut down her opponents’ cowardly long-distance attacks. The point of Karin in Street Fighter is to chase her rivals down and trap them in the corner, where she will devastate them with a barrage of close quarters attacks.

Karin was rumored to be included in Street Fighter V earlier this year. She was included in the rumors of Urien and Alex, as reported by IGN, and is the first of the three confirmed. Sakura has yet to be revealed, though the possibility that she will be returning to the series is likely since Karin’s main motivation in the series has been to not fall behind Sakura.


Ollie Barder of Forbes was at the Tokyo Games Show and said that he got to play Street Fighter V, but he did not get the opportunity to play as Karin. He did say that the gameplay and mechanics were what one should expect of a Street Fighter game, and that the new character Necalli was for people who like to play close-range characters.

Two of the more recent characters were Rashid and Rainbow Mika. Rashid is a Middle Eastern Street Fighter who could be accurately described as a Dervish, and Rainbow Mika is a flamboyant, scantily clad professional wrestler who fights with tag team moves.

[Images Courtesy of Capcom]