Chris Brown Named In Assault Of Woman Thrown From Tour Bus In Denver

Patricia Grannum

Chris Brown has allegedly been named in an assault involving a woman who was thrown off a tour bus in Denver where Chris, Fetty Wap, and French Montana were shooting a video, TMZ reports.

Looks like everything went down on Monday night while the bus was parked near Platinum 84 Gentleman's Club in Denver, where the video was being shot.

According to TMZ, a woman, who was not a part of the video production, claims that she was forcibly ejected from the bus for bringing her cellphone on with her. There was a strict no cell phone rule that night, because Chris Brown and Co. wanted details surrounding the music video to be top secret.

The woman claims that her cellphone was broken during the fracas.

The cops say that the woman filed a report for a third degree assault, and that Chris Brown and his crew are "persons of interest." There's surveillance footage of the incident that's also in the hands of local authorities.

This news puts a damper on some of the strides Brown has been making in rehabilitating his image for daughter Royalty's sake. As the Mirror reports, Chris recently won temporary joint custody rights for Royalty after a prolonged legal battle between him and the child's mother, Nia Guzman. Whilst the terms of that joint custody agreement could be in jeopardy pending some drug test results, the "Deuces" singer obviously enjoys being a dad, and we have the Instagram posts to prove it.

"Before the show activities. Playing doctor. Honestly I have more fun doing this than going out the club. #feelinglikeanoldman" he wrote on a recent Instagram picture of him and Royalty.

But that doesn't mean there was no entertainment at all. Chris hosted some Disney movie marathons in Royalty's honor, featuring hits like Frozen, Bebe's Kids, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Also, when Royalty was asleep, everybody had to be asleep, even daddy.

"I'm so thankful to be able to perform and inspire the world. I really think back LIKE, 'damn, I went to f*****g jail and had a number 1 single in the country' he wrote in an Instagram caption for a photo of the massive crowds at his concert.

"This goes to show you that you can make it after mistakes. It's about love forgiveness and just working on yourself."

[Photo by Steve Granitz / Getty Images]