Kate Gosselin ‘Devastated’ After Billionaire Boyfriend Dumps Her For Younger Woman

Kate Gosselin just can’t catch a break when it comes to her love life. The 40-year-old reality TV star is single once again after her billionaire boyfriend, Jeff Prescott, dumped her for a much younger woman, ET Online is reporting.

Kate had been dating the 56-year-old billionaire — who made his fortune with microstock photography agency Dreamstime, as well as other ventures — since at least January 2015, when their relationship was made public in an Us Magazine report. An anonymous source close to the couple at the time described Kate and Jeff as “very happy.”

“Jeff and Kate have known each other for over a year. They like each other… Jeff is a really, really good guy. He is very respectful of Kate and her family.”

Unfortunately for Kate, trouble began brewing for the happy couple over the summer, when Gosselin allegedly became “frustrated” with the businessman’s frequent trips around the globe that took him away from her and her family. Making matters worse, during one of those trips, says an inside source, Prescott met up with a 26-year-old Belarusian woman who hasn’t yet been identified. She also has an impressive list of credentials, speaking five languages, jet-setting between New York and Belarus, and working on her own cosmetics line that she intends to release later this year.

Kate’s boyfriend and her rival haven’t exactly kept their tryst secret, either. They’ve been spotted canoodling together in Hawaii and Vegas, reports MSN.

The final straw in their relationship, according to a source, came on Labor Day Weekend, when Prescott backed out of filming Kate’s reality show, Kate Plus 8, at the last minute. After months of pre-production work, Prescott — who has three children, including twins, from a previous marriage — got cold feet at the last minute. Part of the reason for the change of heart, says a source, is that Prescott wants to keep his own kids’ lives private (unlike Kate, who seems to relish having cameras in her kids’ faces).

The source tells Us Magazine that Kate is “devastated” by the breakup.

Meanwhile, Kate’s ex, Jon Gosselin, has apparently turned things around in his own love life, being spotted recently with new girlfriend Colleen Conrad.

As of this post, Kate Gosselin has not spoken publicly about her breakup with Jeff Prescott.

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images/Angela Weiss]