Joe Giudice Wants To Use Refugee Crisis To Fight Deportation?

Joe Giudice knows that he has to turn himself in after his wife, Teresa Giudice, is released from jail around Christmas time. Teresa has been serving time behind bars, and she is expected to be released in just a few months. But once she gets released, Joe is expected to head to jail and serve over three years behind bars. And Giudice could be facing deportation once he is released.

But Joe Giudice doesn’t want to be deported once he is released. Giudice could be deported because he isn’t an American citizen. Despite being in the U.S. for over 20 years, Giudice never became a citizen. And now that he has a criminal record, it is questionable that he will ever get citizenship. But do the authorities want Giudice in the country?

According to a new Radar Online report, Joe Giudice could be cooking up a plan to stay in the United States once he is released. Apparently, he has been using the Syrian refugee situation to his benefit. But Joe’s logic could be very flawed. There is a huge difference between a refugee and a criminal.

“There is no way Joe is going back to Italy without a huge long legal battle,” an insider has revealed, adding, “He had already begun the steps to become a citizen as the criminal case against him developed.”

“Joe thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous that Syrian refugees could be given citizenship, and he is going to be deported back to Italy. He thinks there are terrorists among the Syrian refugees that hope to get political asylum, meanwhile he says he has vowed to be a model citizen,” the source reveals, adding, “Joe doesn’t speak any Italian and doesn’t want to live there without his family.”

Of course, his lawyer may not use Giudice’s logic to keep him in the country. What Joe Giudice did was clearly illegal, and he managed to take his wife down with him. Teresa is serving 15 months behind bars. Maybe the judge will take the Bravo show into consideration. Bravo is airing a special on October 11 that will focus on Joe’s life with Teresa behind bars.

“It’s hard keeping up with all these kids… I’m doing a lot… I think I’ve even lost about 10 pounds,” Joe reveals in the new Bravo special called The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In, according to Starcasm.

Joe “was directly paid by Bravo for the gig,” the source revealed, adding, “It’s the only substantial money the family has been paid since Teresa went to prison.”

What do you think of Joe Giudice’s plan to fight deportation?

[Image via All About The Tea]