‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Adam Lind Posts Naked Selfies Online

Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind is single and seemingly ready to get back out there. Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy posted some naked selfies on his social media accounts just days after splitting with his latest girlfriend, Stasia Lynn.

According to Radar Online, Adam Lind took the opportunity after his break up to post some photos of his buff bod while showing off his tattoos, possibly to show Stasia what she’s missing. However, the Teen Mom 2 star could be trying to win back one of his ex-girlfriends.

Insiders suggest that there is one girl that Adam isn’t over yet, and it is not one of his baby mamas, Chelsea Houska or Taylor Halbur. It’s ex Danielle Anderson.

“He’s not over her. They’re not back together, but might figure things out.”

However, Lind was caught hanging out with another ex-girlfriend, Jessica Nicole, earlier this week. Is Adam dipping in to the pool of his exes to try and get back together with them? While it seems that Adam may want at least a couple of his ex-girlfriends back, there is one girl that he’ll likely never win over, and that’s Chelsea Houska.

Chelsea has been seen on Teen Mom 2 complaining about Adam Lind’s lack of parenting skills and poor treatment of daughter Aubree. Although Adam took Chelsea to court to try and get more time with his oldest daughter, he continues to do things to contradict his words.

In a newly released clip from MTV, in the most recent episode of the series Aubree is seen just after coming home from a weekend with Adam only to tell her mother, Chelsea, that she didn’t see her father all weekend. Aubree stayed with Adam’s parents the entire weekend and didn’t even talk to her father. To make matters worse, it was Father’s Day weekend. Aubree told her mother that she tried to call her dad a few times but that he didn’t answer.

Later, Aubree reveals that she wishes her dad, Adam, was more like her mother’s boyfriend, Cole DeBoer, who has been amazing with Aubree from the start. Chelsea looks heartbroken for her daughter, who is finally getting old enough to see that her dad isn’t making the effort he should be as a parent. Yet, Adam continues to push for more time with both of his daughters, including youngest daughter Paislee, whose mother is Taylor Halbur.

What are your thoughts on Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind’s latest antics?

[Photo Credit: MTV]