Watch Video Of What Seems To Be Two Trucks Driving In A Forest, But Actually Isn’t

You would be forgiven for thinking the video in this article shows two trucks driving on a dirt road through a forest. However, it turns out not everything is as it appears to be.

YouTube channel owner Headquake137 has published a video under the the name of RC Creations which does, indeed, look very much like two trucks driving on a rough forest road, maneuvering their way on the dirt track and over logs. The vehicles are reportedly a 1957 Ford pickup, followed closely by a 1987 Dodge RamCharger. Occasionally among the background noise is the clear sound of a cat meowing and purring.

It all looks very authentic, but a short way into the video, you might notice a huge orange cat pass by in the foreground. Said orange cat is known as Oranges the Cat, who apparently directed the video production, as he reportedly does all of Headquake137’s videos.

You can watch the short video of the two trucks in the forest right here.

While the trees in the forest do appear to be of a normal size, as the two trucks continue on their winding way, you might possibly notice that some of the leaves on the side of the track are suspiciously large.

The scenes carry on for some four minutes, with one truck closely following the other, sometimes having problems getting up steep slopes or over larger tree trunks lying in the way.

Finally, we reach a climax — as one of the two trucks reaches a log bridge in the forest, something very large is blocking its way. The truck has come across the rear end of Oranges the Cat. The truck then keeps reversing and gently going forward in an attempt to get the orange furry feline to move his butt.

It turns out that the two trucks are hand-made remote control vehicles, created by the channel owner himself. He did admit that there was a certain amount of video editing involved in the production, as he couldn’t drive both trucks himself at the same time.

The video description on YouTube reads, “I’m driving two trucks at the same time in this video, thanks to the magic of video editing. 1957 Ford pickup follows the 87 Dodge RamCharger. Both trucks hand built. Video directed once again by Oranges the Cat.”

Two trucks

For those keen on model building, Digg offered a link to a video of the very talented Headquake137 actually making one the 1957 Ford pickup used in the video back in 2012. Have a look at this second video below.

[Images: Screengrab from YouTube video]