Junkie Escapes Jail After Injecting A Kitten With Heroin And Brutally Beating It

A drug addict has narrowly escaped jail after injecting a kitten with heroin, brutally beating it, and leaving the poor, distressed animal for dead.

It was alleged in court that James Myers injected the kitten with heroin before launching an attack that was both prolonged and intense in its sheer unbridled savagery.

When the brutally beaten animal was treated by vets, the abused animal’s injuries were so horrific, and its body so battered, the vets who treated him in Pennsylvania thought the only humane solution would be to put the adorable feline down.

Somewhat miraculously, the tenacious kitten, the vets named Mephisto, obviously thought that this world had a lot more to offer than casual sadism and vicious cruelty, and clung onto life with the instinctive stubbornness of a born survivor.

Mephisto was initially taken to the vets by police officers who found the animal in a terrible condition and close to death in Myers’ car.

The victimized kitten was lying in the vehicle surrounded by needles and hundreds of heroin baggies. Bleeding profusely from his face, Mephisto was also missing many teeth and had a rope around his neck.

The court heard how Myers was alleged to be high on a cocktail of drugs when he launched the ferocious attack on the feline.

The Express reported that a pray painted message reading “SLAM IT YOU PU$$Y” was found next to the car where the helpless animal was discovered by police.

The vets were able to keep Mephisto alive by giving him a drug used to treat human heroin overdoses.

Myers denied injecting the kitten with heroin but admitted animal cruelty and drug paraphernalia and drug possession.

Despite nearly killing the kitten, Myers avoided a jail sentence and has been ordered to spend two months under house arrest and complete 150 hours of community service.

As for Mephisto, his tale has a happy ending. The vet who treated him has taken the friendly feline in and has nothing but high praise for the kind of cat he remains, despite the trauma he has endured

“He’s the type of cat, when you come home at night, he runs to come and greet you.”

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]