Apple Customers Report iOS 9 Bugs And Problems

Apple customers have reported a number of problems and bugs since updating to iOS 9. The latest operating system was supposed to improve battery life but has received mixed reviews since its release on Wednesday. WatchOS 2 will not be released yet, as unexpected development bugs have been found.

The operating system update for Apple Watch was supposed to be released at the same time as the new iOS update, according to The Irish Times. However, the bugs could not be fixed. Some customers have now said that the iOS 9 update should have been held off after they found various problems with it. One of the biggest issues is that the phones and tablets now freeze.

Issues have reminded customers of the problems they faced with iOS 8. The operating system was released last year littered with bugs. It was so bad that Apple allowed customers to downgrade to a previous operating system and quickly released an update to fix the issues. Some users worried that the latest operating system would have the same issues, and it seems Apple failed to learn from its mistakes.

Apple attempted to learn by releasing the software in beta test mode for almost 100 days before releasing it to the general public. Now, hundreds of users have taken to social media to share their outrage. The main issue that users have found their phones and iPads have frozen while trying to download iOS 9, so they cannot actually install it. Some users took to updating through iTunes, which is a temporary workaround.

Apple has failed to explain the issues customers are currently facing. The silence is the most annoying thing for some customers, who would just like the tech giant to explain if there is bug or not. Some people are blaming the strain company servers may be facing, but that should also mean that the iTunes workaround would not work.

iOS 9 is available for those with the iPhone 4s and up, iPad 2 and up (including the iPad Mini, and fifth generation iPod touches, according to The Daily Mail. The main benefit is the reported improved battery life, as well as fixing some of the issues in iOS 8 that its quick update did not fix. There is also an app called “Move to iOS” for those who are switching from Android phones to Apple products. It will safely move all contacts, messages, photos, videos and more across to the new phone easily. While there are benefits, some users are annoyed that they simply cannot even download iOS 9 onto their devices.

[Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]