Harry Styles: One Direction Star May Have A Solo Album Recorded

Harry Styles rumors are not hard to find. Since One Direction admitted that they are set to split, at least temporarily, speculation has been rife as to what the future holds for Harry and band-mates Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. It has long been rumored that Styles may be headed for a career in Hollywood. As reported in Inquisitr recently, there are stories doing the rounds that Harry will play Joanna Lumley’s love interest in the forthcoming Absolutely Fabulous movie. It has also been claimed that Rolling Stones front-man Mick Jagger wants Styles to star in a music-based drama he is working on.

Earlier this week, Westlife star Shane Filan warned Harry and his One Direction pals that they should not expect to succeed as solo artists. The Daily Mail recently reported that former X-Factor judge Louis Walsh believes that Styles is the only member of One Direction who has the necessary “work ethic and ambition” to succeed as a solo artist.

People will be wondering if Walsh has insider information as speculation is beginning to emerge that Harry already has an album in the bag ready for release. According to Unreality TV, a source has told the Sun that Harry has enough solo material recorded to release a solo album right now.

“Harry has been writing constantly… he’s managed to work on, and record, 20 songs already.”

“Some of what he’s written in the past has been given to the band. But he’s been working hard on creating his own sound.”

Sugarscape report that Harry’s spokesman says that Harry “has been writing songs for many years for One Direction” but made no comment about whether or not solo material is ready for release. While there is no confirmation of this, Harry and the rest of One Direction are currently contractually bound by Simon Cowell’s SyCo, and it is unlikely that they are able to release solo material whilst that contract is in place. It is believed that One Directions contract will end when their fifth album is released later this year.

Harry and his band-mates have already said that the One Direction split is intended to allow them to pursue solo projects. The Sun claimed that Cowell is keen to sign Harry to SyCo and Sony and that they will make Harry’s solo album “an absolute priority.” Cowell is said to be keen to avoid Harry signing with anyone else.

It is unlikely that Harry or anyone else associated with One Direction would be able to release solo material until after One Direction’s forthcoming album is released and the promotional round is complete. That being the case, we may just see a Harry Styles solo album next spring.

[Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images]