‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Houseguest Throws Final HOH Competition

Big Brother 17 spoilers from the late endurance challenge reveal a winner. The spoilers might also indicate that one houseguest “threw” part one of the final Head of Household competition. Fans of the show are debating what happened at the end of the nearly four-hour competition, but a report from fan site Joker’s Updates seems to make it very clear what happened. The site states that Liz Nolan dropped out intentionally to allow Vanessa Rousso to win part one.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Steve Moses fell out of the competition after about three hours and 20 minutes. That left Liz and Vanessa to battle it out for about the next 25 minutes, with Vanessa offering several deals to convince Liz to let her win. The very last strategy was convincing Liz that she should drop out to save up energy for part two of the competition. That one seemed to work, because shortly after Vanessa finished talking about it, Liz intentionally quit the competition.

The Big Brother 17 spoilers about what Liz Nolan did came out at 12:40 a.m. PT, showing how deep into the night the competition had gone. The final three had to sit on a small platform above a swinging candy apple while it dipped and smashed them into a wall. It was a tough competition for them to go through, but the trio did better than most of the evicted houseguests had done in any endurance challenge this summer. That’s what makes it so noteworthy that Liz simply quit after about 225 minutes of the punishment.

Producers of the show will likely give Liz and Steve a bit of a break before they have the duo compete in part two of the final Head of Household competition. Vanessa doesn’t have to take part, as she has qualified for one of the two spots awaiting them in part three. Part two will likely take place over the weekend, with the winner advancing to take that other slot in part three. Then the two “winners” will compete in the final competition during the “live” show on September 23.

It appears that Steve Moses is in a lot of trouble, and that Liz Nolan and Vanessa Rousso will take each other to the final two. That means Steve likely needs to win part two and part three in order to make it to the BB17 jury vote. All three are very close to the $500,000 prize and the pressure has never been greater. That’s another reason it’s surprising Liz would be throwing a challenge this late in the season. More Big Brother 17 spoilers will come out when the live feeds show who has won part two.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]